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Part-time job that helps GK and loves nature ♥ Join Human Heart Nature!

It was never business to me. It was love. If you’re looking for a part-time job that helps the country, respects nature and earns you about 25% to 35% income, then join Human Heart Nature Dealership Team. It works like Avon, Sara Lee and other direct selling businesses. Here, we support organic farms of GK […]

Krissy’s Stock Diary ♥ 20 March 2011 – Anybody Out There Reading This?

Dear Stock Diary, Okay. From 563 to 663 to 883. My stats are falling Stock Diary! huhuhuhuh x.x And it’s because I wasn’t writing any articles for weeks now since my internet got busted. HAHAHAHA Anyway, since we write to express and not to impress. Who cares about falling stats? But if there’s something falling, […]

Smart Bro Broadbandest Blowout Promo – The Vaklush Edition!!!!

I was laughing so hard on my friend’s FB post about straight guys coaching basketball in gay lingo.. Incidentally, I was wanting to buy a broadband so I can chat with my boyfriend in Guam. I chanced upon Smart Broadband and found out about their cool promo.. A long engagement like this makes me feel […]

Krissy’s Stock Diary ♥ 12 March 2011 (uh.. good morning diary..)

Dear Stock Diary, Why are you doing this to me.. You’re not making me sleep.. Just because the charts and the lines and the crosses and the cups and the handles and (here we go again..) nah.. too much fantasies.. ^^ But I’m loving the curves of AC, EDC, FPH and PNB. These by the […]

BDO Easy Investment Plan – Automatic Savings and Investment in One!

Php1000 per month savings.. what the heavens can that be difficult! And true enough, banks nowadays are making it easy for us retail investors to invest into a bigger scheme of investment such as UITF, which works like a mutual fund. Reading the EIP program of BDO, it encourages people to save 1000 per month. […]

Top 5 Mutual Funds in 2010 – Relax and let the fund managers do it!

In an article by Carlos Gonzales of MoneySense Magazine entitled “Top 10 Performing Equity and Balanced Mutual Funds,” he listed down the top 10 mutual funds in the country today as of December 31, 2010. topnews.in  For this blog’s purpose, here’s the top 5 mutual funds according to his list: (percentages refer to 1-yr return) […]

Gimik Para sa Kalikasan! The La Mesa Ecopark Getaway ♥

Because I know I cannot run a mile or contribute millions to fund a charity work, here’s my little contribution to my beloved Earth.. transitionvoice.com  Every March (close to 27th, 28th or 29th) normally we celebrate Earth Hour. We shut down PCs, enjoy the darkness with the kiss of someone (aha!), and say we have […]

Krissy’s Stock Diary ♥ 5 March 2011 – EDC the Looong Term Hold

Dear Stock Diary, Okay don’t be bully. I know I’m not that techie. I confess I don’t know how to paste a picture at the stock investing forum. Haha. Okay stop it. Lucky me found the Insert Image icon at Blogger.com. Thank heavens. Imagine if I bought EDC in 2009 at a low of less […]

Krissy’s Stock Diary ♥ 2 March 2011 – FGEN It Is

Dear Stock Diary, I’ll make it SS.. Short and sweet. FGEN is definitely a buy! ♥ stockpreacher.com  Technically caught up from recent low, fundamentally promising at 24 (long-term hold). FGEN. Love you. Naks. trader28 PS Daddy louis.. don’t be jealous. FGEN is fictitious. But our future kids’ stock account love it. It’s the only green […]