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Coconut Farm Investment

I have been wanting to have a coconut farm investment. Why? Because the Philippines is a consistent coconut producer and exporter. It is a stable source of income for people in the province. Copra price continues to rise. Demand for coconut products is increasing. We may have forgotten the multiple uses of the Tree of […]

Krissy’s 15th Wave of Investment ♥

September 2007 is my 1st wave of investment. And since then, quarterly investment has been made. And for my 15th wave of investment this March 2011, I invested in the following: energyboom.com  Infused funds into Citiseconline  Infused funds into BPITrade  Infused funds into FMS  Opened account for Cocolife mutual fund  Opened account for SALBF mutual […]

Yahoo! Finance Article: Wealth Is What You Save, Not What You Spend

I was checking my old yahoo account and bumped into a Yahoo! Finance Article written by Jennifer Waters dated April 17, 2011. While most of the Filipinos are now enjoying vacations and spending for fun and get-together (which yuppies deserve after working like a dog), sometimes the cash buffer suffers. And that is what this […]

Krissy’s Stock Diary ♥ 16 April 2011 – Trading Stocks is Happiness

Dear Stock Diary, My brother and I have just upgraded the PC and lo and behold, no JAVA hence no stock charts hence no analysis!!! x.x zimbio.com  I feel like I can’t breathe.. I can’t move.. stocks.. I need my stocks.. I need some air of profits of charts of beautiful green lands.. Okay I […]

My Mutual Funds and UITF

There are a number of investments you can choose from according to your risk appetite. Commonly you would have bonds, mutual funds and stocks as staples in your portfolio. bpelite.com  And one of the mentioned instruments I have invested in is mutual funds. Let me give you an idea of what mutual funds and UITF […]

Krissy’s Stock Diary ♥ 13 April 2011 – My Current Portfolio Standing

Dear Stock Diary, While PSE shed some points today, my portfolio currently stands at: I am happy with the way the WealthSec portfolio is doing, driven by FGEN and VLL good plays. Citiseconline is heavily battered by ANI while FMS stock picks like PRIM and RFM fail to push prices north. BPITrade is doing good […]

Truly Inspiring: Truly Rich Club: Who’s Taking Charge Of Your Finances?

God does not want you to be poor! I truly believe in this. Why? Because He wants us to be good stewards of money for a greater purpose of serving the poor and the needy. Here’s an inspiring article from Bo Sanchez: (sent to me via email – You may also want to subscribe to […]

Online Stockbrokers I Personally Use

Start small. Dream big! This has been the philosophy of myself and my gay friend ever since college. And for you thinking about having a simple but great start in the stock market can do so by opening an account in the following online stockbrokers which I personally use (for now): Stockbroker Min Amount Citiseconline […]

Krissy’s Stock Diary ♥ 11 April 2011 – Chewed, Munched and Ate FGEN

Dear Stock Diary, Okay I’m sorry. Okay let me explain.. My computer got wrecked for past days (weeks I mean) and it’s only now that I was able to update you.. I’m sorry my dear friend.. I’m sorry.. But if there’s something I wouldn’t be sorry about.. Is the fact that I bought tons of […]

Bloomberg Portfolio Tracker: Ideal for Multiple Stock Accounts

As a risk person, I’ve always been curious about setting up different risk levels and tests for every case scenario concerning a certain product. That’s what I do in my day job. When it comes to my personal investments, I also try to employ whatever I have learned in my job – and that is […]