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Financial Nostalgia

I was fixing my things in the apartment and saw the humble beginning of my investment journey.. Earning so little at my first job when I was 21, my first investment is a humble 5k time deposit at Chinabank offering me 3.75% gross interest.. For me that was gold, the biggest start of my life, […]

Krissy’s 2011 Personal Finance Goals Update ♥ Part 2

At the end of every year, I create a Returns Summary, summarizing all the sources of extra income I got for the whole year. To my amazement, I have almost achieved my financial target for the year of additional PhpXXX from these extra income streams (I am about PhpXXX short of the target). balanceinme.com  What […]

Krissy’s Stock Diary ♥ 6 May 2011 – Slicing it Up

Dear Stock Diary, I sliced up my FGEN with 30%+ gain and my EDC as well after hitting near-Php7 TP. Plan to buy back after deep correction the coming weeks. Googled what property dividend means and I guess this is just a new way of saying you have extra benefits out of availing the dividends. […]

Krissy’s 2011 Personal Finance Goals Update ♥ Part 1

For 2011, the following goals have been set: Boost Equity  Boost Mutual funds  Boost Premium Savings account  Balance Equity and Real Estate investments  (Optional) Buy a coconut farm  Start pet breeding business  ask.inc.com  1st half of 2011 has seen me doing the first 3 goals and the last one. The equity side is achieved through […]