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Making Money Work For You: A Reflection of Basic Needs

In my previous post Contemplating on Wealth Within Your Reach Book, I mentioned that there are four financial stages in one’s life as stated in the book by Francisco Colayco. For one to be truly free, one must consider the real basic needs in life as enumerated in the book: 1. Food – wayback in […]

Simplify and Create Abundance: Keeping Me Sane in this Money World

Featured Personal Finance Book Review and Reflections Today: Simplify and Create Abundancewritten by Bo Sanchez Review/Reflections: I purposely created this blog to support the growing need to educate about personal finance. Though I’m not pretty sure if I were born to be a writer or if I write very well. I got a B+ in […]

Rat Race Challenge: Determine Your Wealth Ratio

I’m done reading the book Retire Young Retire Rich and though I was impatient at first (I was in a hurry looking for reasons how he got rich), I felt emotionally reminiscing about my real dad (who I can consider as my poor dad) and my rich dads (this topic I guess deserves separate blog […]

Kris Aquino on How Superstars Do It

angalat.blogspot.com  There are people who hate her. And there are people who love her. I would say there are things I won’t agree about what she says, just the way I think I would do if it were a different person, but I would say I am learning from someone as powerful as Kris Aquino. […]

Retire Young Retire Rich: My Whys, My Motivation

“The rich does not work for money, but money work for them…., While the poor work for money.Illiteracy, both in word and numbers, is the foundation of financial struggle….,Wealth is a person’s ability to survive so many number of days forward… or if i stopped working today, how could i survive?…,Wealth is the measure of […]

Retire Young Retire Rich: One Inspiring Takeaway

I’m reading about a fourth from the book Retire Young Retire Rich book by Robert Kiyosaki and one great lesson I learned is the comparison the author’s rich dad shared about leveraging using one’s mind. Rich and the poor do the same things. Both sets of people buy, both sets of people borrow. It is […]

Thinking Big, Very Big

I can’t explain further. Take a bite at what inspired me today: No. 7: They think (very) big You have to hand it to them. However way they got their breaks – family wealth, political connections, or simply a great opportunity – they made their billions by thinking big. These aren’t small-minded men and women. […]

My Dream Foundation

If you notice at the right pane of the blog, you may have noticed a little picture with dog and cat where I am seeking donations to build my dream foundation. http://hpham2017.edublogs.org/files/2011/04/dog-cat-sleeping-cute-lucw5z.jpg  I grew up having dogs around. I think I’ll grow up further and die with dogs still around my arms. From nursing them […]

Underground River of Palawan: Our Treasure to Vote for!

This post will be quick. I want YOU to vote for the Puerto Prinsesa Underground River. For a simple reason. I was watching NBN 4 (yeah I know boring.. the peoples’ television it is where you see discussions about local government efforts to make tourism an international hit. That’s the problem about Pinoys – we […]

Krissy’s Stock Diary ♥ 26 August 2011 – Anticipating Correction

Dear Stock Diary, Nope. I didn’t have any trades today. I was busy commuting from my humble pod from San Mateo, Rizal to Cubao, Timog, Gateway, Philcoa, -ugh just the wandering feet didn’t stop walking I was close to being lost. LOL For the past weeks during the anticipated correction, I was buying some blues […]