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Retire Young Retire Rich: My Whys My Motivation

Retire Young Retire Rich: My Whys, My Motivation

“The rich does not work for money, but money work for them…., While the poor work for money.Illiteracy, both in word and numbers, is the foundation of financial struggle….,Wealth is a person’s ability to survive so many number of days forward… or if i stopped working today, how could i survive?…,Wealth is the measure of cash flow from to asset column compared with the expense column…,” Robert Kiyosaki on Retire Young, Retire Rich

In the earlier post I shared with you one story from the Retire Young Retire Rich book by Robert Kiyosaki that greatly caught my attention – the difference between the average middle class and the rich. Though I know I am still far from finishing the book due to dim light coming from the new fluorescent bulb in my room, I knew I picked up some important lessons already from the book.

I was surprised to know that Robert actually experienced failures from previous businesses. As a young junior in college who first encountered Rich Dad Poor Dad, I thought he was extremely successful person who never failed at all. I was wrong. He actually experienced failures and willing to lose 99 times from a 100 times of trial winning big time once.

Retire Young Retire Rich by Robert Kiyosaki 

What inspired me today is to realize my whys why I want to retire young and retire rich. Here are some of my reasons I could think of as of time being:

  1. I want to spend more time with family. After my Papa died, I knew I got some guilt feeling because I wasn’t able to spend much time with him especially during his last moments because I didn’t know it was the time he would leave us. It was really a surprise to our family. On the side, I’m happy because I know I spent a lot of time with him most of his life – our halo-halo dates at Chowking, my favorite dish of his, the authentic Sinigang, the stories of war I have repetitively listened to all his life. Now that I have my mama and my brother, my soon-to-be-husband, my dogs, and for my future family we will build – I wouldn’t want to miss a day again. I wouldn’t want to be in office when somebody has to leave this world again. 
  2. I want to spend time more with myself and be me. I know that employee life is fun and fulfilling. At breaks and holidays I miss the office humor, the hustle and bustle, the big boss instructions and love and hate work relationships, the lessons you never learned from college, the free aircon, amenities, the respect you get as a banker, the “social” life you learn from female office people, the lunch outs and food tasting Fridays, paycheck to paycheck life and love affair with dresses, the milk tea sessions during a very hectic and stressful day.. all these I know make up the employee life.. But I know deep within me I want to experience a life of business, self-making myself. A life of doing what I could have done if I were not in the office – composing songs, supporting my dream zoo, managing simple businesses and my laid back farm. Office life must form me to become a better person when I prepare for retirement. 
  3. I want to live a life God wants me to be. I know that my current work has to be my worship to Him. And I’m happy that as an employee, I live simply, I am honest and loyal to work and office. But I feel that maybe God is calling me also to expand territories and make businesses, my dream zoo, my advocacies for nation building at Gawad Kalinga and the environment my worship. I want to spend my youth in all happiness and broadness. 

You see above, time is money. And the above reasons are not driven by the greed for money. I think my reasons, which can be your reasons too, go back to our human nature. The nature to be with people we love, the nature to be our truest self. And to be true to ourselves makes us really, really happy.

As an analyst today now, I am enjoying work like being an apprentice – it prepares me how I should be dealing with various people, managing portfolios and managing myself (my temper, mood, limitations). But I know that there is much more to learn in this vast universe. Life teaches you to be humble, happy, enduring.

I could say now that I am saving and investing, I really don’t have to wait until I’m 60 or retired before I reach my whys above. Slowly, I am moving towards achieving them. And because I see happiness whenever there is passive income, I feel content and fulfilled that yes, whatever I have delayed in the past for the sake of being gratified, it’s all worth the sacrifice. There are roadblocks along the way, and frustrating scenes, but I need to be constantly motivated, aided and reminded of my whys.

I would greatly recommend the book for those who want to be moved in motivation to rethink their financial future and their financial present.

How about you, what are your whys? Why do you save, work, earn, spend? And if you choose to dream of retiring young and at the same time rich, what are your reasons?

May you find yourself happy in this journey. 

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