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Retire Young Retire Rich: One Inspiring Takeaway

Retire Young Retire Rich: One Inspiring Takeaway

I’m reading about a fourth from the book Retire Young Retire Rich book by Robert Kiyosaki and one great lesson I learned is the comparison the author’s rich dad shared about leveraging using one’s mind.

Rich and the poor do the same things. Both sets of people buy, both sets of people borrow. It is how these sets of people view things, and more often than not, they view things a lot differently.

One takeaway I learned from the book is how the average (middle class) shops. They shop groceries, find good finds, like looking for weekend sale, discount coupons and promos. Just the same with the Philippine setting, we see parents looking for places to find good finds, making them feel “smart saving.”
Retire Young Retire Rich by Robert Kiyosaki

While the above idea isn’t bad at all (as these are one of the common grocery tips we find in personal finance articles and magazines), the rich on the other hand, do the same thing – they buy but they buy assets and investments.

This greatly stuck me since I would commonly find myself in the shoes the middle class, having the attitude of saving up, then looking for good finds, etc. While the rich stay in power by buying assets which put in more money to their pockets.

No matter how simple leverage works, it is how we take advantage of the opportunities. While we shop for food for survival, we may also want to take a closer look at looking for leverages for assets.

For some, the journey towards investing has just started. We invest in books, personal finance seminars, even paid stock market newsletters and conferences. We spend for a cause, and that is financial literacy. For me, I have filled in a cabinet with so many personal finance books because I really love to read. Some I know of listen through podcasts, some I know spend time searching videos at Youtube to watch ANC On The Money videos.

If you want, you can get a copy of the book from Amazon, it’s one motivational book you’ll love. Who doesn’t want to retire young retire rich anyway?

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