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Kris Aquino on How Superstars Do It

Kris Aquino on How Superstars Do It


There are people who hate her. And there are people who love her. I would say there are things I won’t agree about what she says, just the way I think I would do if it were a different person, but I would say I am learning from someone as powerful as Kris Aquino. There has never been a personality in the Philippines, a female I should say, as influential as Kris. And she will long reign as queen.

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For so long I was thinking about the “financial” resolution involved during the annulment of Kris and James. I thought it would have been better if James didn’t ask money from Kris anymore as part of the absence of the prenup agreement. First, they have a son and he could have just given much of the “separation” money to their kid. Second, it doesn’t look good at all. Seems like in his next relationship, though he probably is top earning basketball player in PBA, he would be seen as someone using someone else’s money. It just doesn’t seem right at all, no matter how fair Kris says it to be in the September 2011 Yes! Magazine interview.

Last Sunday my mom and I went to Fully Booked to exchange two credit card slips (using my Standard Chartered Credit Card) with Php300 worth of GC each slip. I was able to buy Retire Young Retire Rich by Robert Kiyosaki, 5 Things You Must Do Before You Die by Bo Sanchez, The Best of This is a Crazy Planets by Lourd de Veyra, and Yes! Magazine September 2011 issue featuring Kris Aquino’s Makati condo units. Ironically, she was beaten hard at Lourd’s book (with his blog post Shut up Little Sister) and she was praised in the Yes! Magazine newest issue.

Despite the contradictory points in Lourd’s book and in the Yes! mag, Kris shared a number of personal finance tips which everyone may consider in their financial planning:

1. Pre-nuptial agreement – My mom was telling me it isn’t a bad idea at all, it’s practical and considering the number of investments I have now (I think I already amassed a number of little investments as a single person). Though separations may be part of future reality, I will work hard for the present for it not to be.

2. According to Yes! Magazine, “she has two-thirds of all her earnings saved and invested in coupon placements, institutional investments, an educational plan, a retirement plan, a health plan, a leisure plan, and a few properties, which include three small condo units in Quezon City that serve as her halfway house. She has also made sure that the two boys have an equal amount saved up for their future – for every penny Bimby gets from his endorsements, Kris gives the same amount to Josh from her own talent fee.” What strikes me here is the leisure plan hahaha! Since I think I have invested already in mutual funds, educational plan, retirement plan, health plan and real estate. I didn’t actually realize until now that there is a need to come up with a leisure plan. What do I do with lots of money if I don’t spend it on a purpose (happy fun purpose)?

3. Kris also has plans of giving a condo unit each to employees with the longest tenure. She sets aside a percentage that goes to charities and scholarships. For some middle class people, giving back does not seem like a regular activity – it is mostly a one time, whenever-I-like-to situation. For Kris, we learn that even one of the richest showbiz personality shares to the unprivileged, through Habitat for Humanity, and pre-school projects.

In summary, no matter how we love and hate this woman, she has formed a financial integrity – she is definitely secured of her finances. It is reputation that intrigues, gossips and issues try to break, but it is integrity that cannot be destroyed of her. Who owns her bank accounts anyway?

Source: Yes! Magazine September 2011 issue

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