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Simplify and Create Abundance: Keeping Me Sane in this Money World

Simplify and Create Abundance: Keeping Me Sane in this Money World

Featured Personal Finance Book Review and Reflections Today:

Simplify and Create Abundance
written by Bo Sanchez


I purposely created this blog to support the growing need to educate about personal finance. Though I’m not pretty sure if I were born to be a writer or if I write very well. I got a B+ in my English subject way back in College and the only ones I learned to ace were only a few Economics, History and Theology classes. Among all my teachers who have remarked on my home works and researches, it my History teachers who told me write more. I guess they liked the way I criticised and acclaimed human nature.

I created the blog for personal finance purpose, because I know what it means to be poor and I’ve seen how many poor people are still struggling to make both ends meet. Though I would need further research to justify if I am rich now or not(maybe from a statistical basis to make things unarguable), I think real riches lie in my experiences of getting there, enjoying the ride, and appreciating life that it offers to me. (Trivia: One of the main reasons why I started this blog is because I want to support my boyfriend’s hobby – blogging! I just want to understand what he is tinkering online and realize he is sharing his passion towards personal finance education. Catch him at InvestinginPhilippines.com for a detailed and layman’s discussion of investments available in the Philippines).

There are times when I felt spiritually dry – no matter how big my capital account is.

There are times when I feel lonely – even when my stocks are all green.

There are times when I feel like a failure – despite the upside of the property I bought.


I realized that it’s not money that makes us happy. We just enslave money, for it to work for us. But human nature will tell us that without a bigger purpose why we want to be rich, if we don’t have a generous mindset why we want to share our wealth with the family and the poor, we fall into a trap of “un-identity.” We sometimes fail to realize who we are, where we are going, and what our life purpose is. There is some drought that I guess some rich people (who have not lost their sane brains) experience. There is a drought for seeking more money, or there is a certain emptiness that money cannot satisfy. We want more and more, and desire to work less and less as we find no motivation, no water well, no spring that moves us to action.

In the chapter of Brother Bo’s book Simply and Create Abundance, one chapter caught my attention: “Live For Eternal Riches”. Since I want you to grab a copy of the books I read, I want you to get a copy of this book at your fave bookstore (for me, this is my indirect way of saying thank you to Bo for a job well done. I may not be able to donate millions this charities but atleast I can humbly support his ministry by reading and applying his books).

Let me quote a passage taken from the Bible (which is cited by the MoneySense editor as one of the Top 10 personal finance books with great influence):

I realized that the true joy comes from seeing this world as a temporary place. Whatever we have built here, whether it is an apartment, a business or a firm, is a physical manifestation of how we used up our talents and opportunities which God gives us. We need material things as we are a physical being. We need real food, a concrete shelter, a touchable set of clothes. It is how purified our thoughts are in amassing these wealth. What is our purpose? How we live in God’s standards and ways? Who we are in the nakedness of these investments? Apart from the material riches, our character is formed as well. Our thoughts, reasoning, actions, attitudes form part of another type of riches. In essense, as we create wealth, we create character, which in the eyes of God is true wealth.

In another Biblical passage, God is more interested in what you are becoming that what you accomplish.

In the process of becoming rich, may we always choose to do good. In this money world, creating character is far more important than creating wealth. We can lose wealth, but not character, we can bring that wealth of love to heaven and not riches.

Note: For a simple, zen and peaceful advice on your financial life, get a copy of Simplify and Create Abundance by Brother Bo Sanchez and learn how you can see millions in the little and big things you see in life.

Simplify and Create Abundance (How to Be Really Wealthy Without Robbing Your Soul)

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