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Mutual Fund Philippines – Your Mutual Fund Buddy

So you want to invest in multiple mutual funds but you don’t know how to start and you don’t have time managing them separately? What mutual fund should you choose? What is your level of risk? Why do you invest in mutual funds and when do you actually need it back? You want investment en […]

Save for Retirement and Splash the Beach Waters!

inneraltitude.com Who doesn’t want to be debt-free, rat race-free, worry-free? This morning I had my dental appointment at Cubao. Before my turn, I read through an article about an exclusive 16 hectare retirement village in Silang, Cavite. According to the article, it is by invitation only opened to OFWs (maybe because they have money to […]

Update on (Future) Kids’ Education Fund

This post is dedicated to all responsible parents-wannabes who want to provide the best education to their future kids. I’m 25 years old now and I have always dreamed of becoming a parent to 3 boys. We’ll play basketball, I’ll teach them how to load a gun and fire (yeah my dad taught how to. He’s […]

A Must in Investors’ and Traders’ Library: Highly Recommended Mainstream Investing & Trading Books

The following are the books which must form part of any serious investor or trader’s library. Some I have read personally, some recommended by close gurus I know of. Mainstream as they are, they are mostly the common books you find in forum which are recommended by bloggers and forum posters. Mainstream as you could […]

Playing Cashflow 101 and Living the Cashflow Dream – My Personal Experience

I bought a Buyanihan deal which was a 67% discount on Cashflow 101 game at Spicy Fingers Greenbelt 2. It would be my second time to play the game and though I wasn’t really expecting to get out of the rat race, I was just hoping that we would be given longer time to play […]