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Playing Cashflow 101 - My Personal Experience

Playing Cashflow 101 and Living the Cashflow Dream – My Personal Experience

I bought a Buyanihan deal which was a 67% discount on Cashflow 101 game at Spicy Fingers Greenbelt 2. It would be my second time to play the game and though I wasn’t really expecting to get out of the rat race, I was just hoping that we would be given longer time to play the game since the first time I played it I thought we were running out of time because the facilitator was doing all those talkies haha!
I actually prepared late because I wasn’t feeling good that time. I woke up quite chilly and my throat was feeling the smudge of phlegm and colds. I thought I could not make it. I didn’t actually take a bath (haha!) because I was feeling really bad that time so I just hurried to the street and luckily rode a bus directly heading to Ayala. I dropped off at Glorietta and walked my way to Greenbelt. I thought it was near I realized it was a long walk then. Finally I reached Greenbelt 2, with some players already waiting outside Spicy Fingers.
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Just a fine, perfect morning to play Cashflow 101!
Finally the venue is ready and we’re about to start the game. We went into the resto and headed to the second floor, where the cashflow board games are ready to be played. Yeah! 
We were then asked to land our “cheese” to our pink-colored boxes – our dreams. My dream – which was what I also chose before – is a stock market for kids.(Though sometime along the game I realized I really wanted a forest farm. See, aspirations can change too. LOL. Maybe because deep in your heart you realize your most intimate desires.. and that is where my heart is – simple life in the farm).
Our facilitator asked us to decide what profession we want to be. He said it’s quite easy to get out of the rat race as janitor since expenses are small. We chose to be a doctor with an income of about $3000+. He then gave out sheets of paper, the first one is a financial statement detailing our assets, liabilities and passive income. The second sheet is for monitoring our stock buys and sales. He had a challenge for the team – to create a passive income of $50,000 per individual, but we will be working as a mastermind team. I thought it would be impossible, since first, I didn’t even get out of the rat race before, and second, we would only earn about $3000+ per paycheck which is just 6% of the target passive income! I was just thinking how possible that could be given limited paycheck though we were earning as doctors.
The game started with a lot of doodads and charity stuff. Some landed on opportunity deals but were not attractive enough. We were at first losing hope until finally an opportunity came to buy a stock at $5 with a trading range of $5-$40. In real life, one would never really know the trading range of a stock unless he does price targeting – which we do in technical analysis i.e. measuring the target price of a stock formation either expected to rise or fall. Also, perhaps in real life, you sometimes receive blessings when you’ve done your part in sharing what you have. It’s not that we only give because we want to receive something, but because there’s much joy and peace in giving.
One of the players forgot to shout “Paycheck!” when he crossed the paycheck tab. Good thing his turn is before mine because I actually forgot that I needed to shout it too. Haha!

I think it was an unspoken strategy among us players, but we thought if we grab real estate deals, such a big deals, we could earn the passive income we want. We were wrong. Our coach advised us to focus on small deals, and do not underestimate stock investing. So we continued buying stocks at low price. One stock was split into half, which is splitting our initial investment into half as well (that is, 50% paper loss). I had two properties, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, both with just good passive income, but not enough for the $50,000 target. So will we get out of the rat race??

I was a lot tempted to sell my properties. First, the “Market” says it is willing to buy it at a good price and thus I’d be left receiving a hefty cheque. But our coach would always ask us “Are you sure?” and that would make me all think twice about my decision. You see, it’s not the buy and sell that produces passive income (assuming it’s not done on a regular basis). It’s actually keeping an asset that produces passive income, such as a certificate of time deposit, stocks with regular dividends and rental properties.

I even regret not buying a gold asset from one of my team players when the “Market” was willing to buy it at a great price. It’s then that I realized it’s not really the selling that counts, but how much passive income your assets can give. For some, asset appreciation works, but for this game and for other people, it’s the asset producing passive income that counts more.

So how did I get out of the rat race? 
It was because of what I have been doing as hobby for the past years – stock investing/trading. 
I earned my jackpot $9M from a stock which appreciated about 3900%. After some strokes of luck I ended at a certificate of time deposit (which I ignored early in the game) which produces 1% monthly dividend, which means I have about $60,000 passive income every month (assuming the whole of $6M is invested in that instrument alone). Of course there are diversification and liquidity strategies you may want to employ but point is, it’s possible to get out of the rat race. 

During lunch time what struck me was when our coach told us that Henry Sy earns about Php20M passive income everyday. Can I capitalize those words? EVERYDAY. And to receive such amount is like making indeed our country SM Country, where all our incomes and savings go into (consumerism I must say). But as he pointed out, if Henry Sy did it, why can’t you? That’s making me Kris Sy (hehe). My co-players exchanged contact numbers and I’m happy to meet people whom I shared my business ideas and questions. I’m happy to have a coach who believes in himself, that he can create luxurious hotels in all key cities of the Philippines. I’m happy to meet a seatmate who believes that I’m already getting there (then I said to myself.. wow.. such an inspiration.. hope my family and close friends also believe in me in such manner.. what a kind of admiration he has about me). I’m happy to receive texts from a co-player inviting me to attend another cashflow game. Yeah. The rush of the game just keeps getting better. I ended up getting sick the whole weekend. But I know it was a happy fruitful weekend. 
Living the Cashflow Dream
Update: Today, I could say that I’m living the cashflow dream. I have been trading, invested in properties, farms (remember my dream) and small businesses. I could say that that game which was once played, is now a real game of life. The goal has shifted from simply getting out of the rat race, to become consistenly profitable. In addition, I’m too young to give up career – I could say I’m enjoying the best of both worlds – as an employee and as a serial entrep trader. Being able to bless people through Filipino Financial Freedom Forum FB group is one thing I am thankful for. I will always be thankful to Robert Kiyosaki, my invisible wealth mentor.
Every Filipino deserves to be financially free.
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Happy millions!


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