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Online Marketplace to Sell Your Products

You have a great product or service to sell.You’ve written an ebook, can give close-to-perfect forecast about stock prices, you’re a great kids’ birthday organizer.But you’ve got no moolah to cover for the marketing costs.What should you do?Promote yourself online!The social media has been a great equalizer of some sorts to our small and big […]

How to Make a Personal Finance Statement Using MS Excel: Fire Up Your Finances!

Dearest, I never thought it would be possible.. But here it is!!! My first ebook has gone public! Like a viral message, like a full-blasting news, like a bomb! LOL Just kidding.. I’m blessed and happy.. ^^ Thank you Louis for making it possible ♥ Click here! FireUpYourFinances Please spread to your friends and family […]

Krissy’s Stock Diary ♥ March 23, 2012

Dear Stock Diary, Cheers to PSEi 5000! ^^Let’s take ourselves back to the general reasons why the rally is imminent in the past weeks:The technical rally was brought about by several factors including the following– the euro bailout through liquidity injection– positivism over the Philippine economy; Filipinos feel less poor, recent upgrades– good fundamentals of local […]

Legacy Articles But Least Read: Money Has Soul

I’m thankful to all the readers (whether you’ve just bumped into the blog or you were searching for something. I am forever grateful that once in your online life (or maybe twice or multiple times), MoneyLifeBlood was able to feed you, touch you, inform you, entertain you about the ins and outs of the money […]

Make a Stand on Your Finances this Coming May 16, 2012

Thanks to Sir Efren of EnRich for allowing me to post this advertisement. Please read through the post and check out the seminar details and content at the end. Happy millions! Secure your future! Sign up for the EnRich personal finance training program.   Your appointment is on May 16, 2012. To register for EnRich, please […]

Is the Philippines Ready for Take Off: Why Invest in the Philippines

I’m not sure what brought me to the Wealth Daily, that sends me everyday without fail analysts’ latest and hottest news on investments globally. I subscribed through email, and without any hint of coincidence, the first story that was sent to my email is about investing in the Philippines.While maybe I do have certain bias on […]

Lotto Winner Spends P14M In Just 3 Months – Would You Do the Same?

Before we reflect upon the life of the man who spent it all in 3 months, here’s the article from Manila Bulletin: Lotto Winner Spends P14M In Just 3 MonthsBy EDD K. USMANMarch 13, 2012, 10:27pm Manila Bulletin  newsinfo.inquirer.net MANILA, Philippines — For three months, Dionie Reyes (DR) – winner of P14,125,032 in the Lotto […]

Develop a Tycoon Mentality

I became fascinated over feng shui in 2010, when early in that year somebody from the office sent me a forecast of what will happen for a Tiger like me. I hardly accept the forecast, believing it was mere man-made forecast and I could change the future if I really want to. It was quite […]