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Online Marketplace to Sell Your Products

Online Marketplace to Sell Your Products

You have a great product or service to sell.
You’ve written an ebook, can give close-to-perfect forecast about stock prices, you’re a great kids’ birthday organizer.
But you’ve got no moolah to cover for the marketing costs.
What should you do?

Promote yourself online!
The social media has been a great equalizer of some sorts to our small and big players in the buy and sell industry. It has provided “free,” accessible information to target markets – in forum, emails delivered straight to our personal and office emails, in group buying sites, personal accounts in Facebook and Twitter – everywhere. 
You go where the people are – and they if not all of the world is stuck to their individual tubes browsing and surfing the internet.

For us Pinoys, we can maximize these online sites to promote our products. With a valid personal email account, opening account at these sites is as easy as counting 1-2-3.


From humble beginnings to nationwide popularity, Sulit.com.ph is where you can search almost everything you need – from party needs to small breed dogs, to condos to second hand magazines. You can view buyers’ feedback at the site too. You can also purchase Sulit Gold if you want to increase traffic to your ads.

Friendster’s rival enemy as I would put it, Multiply.com has moved from being a photo album site to a marketplace used by top online sellers such as Kimstore. You can also purchase here Multiply Premium if you want to increase traffic and be featured above the rest of the regular online sellers. 

Titled with a popular street expression of “Ayos!” is one of the marketplaces available for us entrePinoys. Here, I was able to log in through Facebook and automatically posted in my wall that I am now connected to Ayosdito.ph.

Here there are extra verification done. Aside from verifying your email account through clicking a link, you need to key in an SMS passcode sent for free to your enroled mobile number. Then you need to type in the letters and numbers found in an image. After enroling myself to Ebay.ph, I received a note stating that e-books or other digital products cannot be sold due to certain Intellectual Property rights policy that the site follows. I think Ebay.ph reserves the right to approve or reject items to be sold and I think it applies strict implementation of such policy. While the other mentioned sites allow it, Ebay.ph does not. For me, there might be some applicable deviations to this as there are some legally valid items which do not break any copyright rules.

Facebook, Twitter, Wayn, NetworkedBlogs and LinkedIn
Create a page or a badge and promote your products. You can ask your friends, families and network to like your products. What’s good about this utility is that you can reach to millions of audience worldwide through tweeting your thoughts, promos and discounts.  They’re no longer limited to social networking – it’s now enterprise networking. Have you heard about Facebook’s IPO? That’s just ones of the ways to say how successful it is. 

Now start promoting your product!

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