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Socialize Your Finances – Your Financial Literacy Buddies

According to the paradox of choice, when people are presented with too many possibilities, too many choices, they can become paralyzed in indecision. Nowadays, we google to look up for restaurant reviews, fees lists, process in getting passport and more. We use search engines to help us get informed. That goes with financial education, too. […]

BSP Consumer Finance Survey: What It Means To You and Me

The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas released its first Consumer Finance Survey last April 18, 2012 (read full report here). Now, what does it mean to you and me? Here are my thoughts on the report, which from my perspective is rich in crisis and opportunity: Young Population 21.5% of the population is ages 5-14. Can […]

Commandments for Stock Traders – How Do You Play The Game

Many people who are interested in saving and investing would often ask:  How do I start doing stocks? In an article by John Mangun last April 11, 2012 in his column Outside the Box at BusinessMirror, (read full article here), he mentioned rules and ways to keep the trader on track of his performance. Here, […]

Krissy’s Stock Diary ♥ April 12, 2012

Dear Stock Diary, You have no idea how happy I was with the 1st quarter of the year. 17 trades. All landed on the green territory. My recent trades included: EEI, SMPH, AC, GMA7, RCB, NRCP and RFM. My current holdings are: EDC, FGEN, FPH, MPI, VLL, BDO, MRC, TEL, ACR, RLC, PRIM, COAT mspmentor.net Lessons:(I’m sure to remember this, diary) I’ve known when to enter, but I still fail […]

BPI Direct Save Up – Forced Can Be This Good

If you hate saving and you can’t resist spending all your paycheck and end up broke every month, why not try this BPI Direct Save Up product which I have been using for years.Let’s see what the product has to offer and what I have to say about BPI Direct Save Up using the features […]

Happy Anniversary, MoneyLifeBlood!

Dear (future) millionaires, Thank you for bumping into the blog and savoring the opportunities to millions. Get inspired, tick the buy or sell button, hit the ATM machines and get through the bumps and highs of the money managing life – it’s bloody, it’s lifeblood. I hope the blog is able to hit its targets […]

Krissy Picks: VLL

For my first post for my blogpost series entitled “Krissy Picks” that will be sent out on a regular fashion, I bring you my all-time favorite VLL. Why? Because I have gained a lot of moolah from trading this stock. And a great potential. Let’s now deep-dive and see what VLL has to offer: What […]

Even Investing Is More Fun In The Philippines!

Even Investing Is More Fun In The Philippines! Credits to LaidTrades.com