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How to Create a Business Plan - Download Free Template

How to Create a Business Plan – Download Free Template

I was manning my mama’s store here in our house and realised the big sacrifice of small and medium entrepreneurs. They endure the heat of the sun, look for means to save and earn money, and go through levels of frustration and disappointments during low business turn-outs.

For entrepreneur-wannabes, writing a formal business plan can be one of the most dreaded activities they need to go through. From conceptualizing business ideas to execution, it is quite difficult to put into words (formally is the word) much more writing a business plan that can be read by banks’ loan officers and potential investors.

But business plans are important to the success of the business. A written business plan is the soul-skeleton of your dream. You’ve heard about graduates from college achieving most of their goals 5 to 10 years from school. Goals written or declared during college. That makes writing so powerful. That makes a plan more like a weapon. In college, George Bush said he will be the President of America. Rest is history.

Write Yourself A Check
Jim Carrey was a poor man struggling in his career as a comic (read inspirational story here by CBN) when, on top of a hill, broke but dreamy, wrote a check for $10 million for acting services rendered dated Thanksgiving 1995. By 1995, Jim Carrey made the world roar in laughter in The Mask, Ace Ventura, Liar Liar and Pet Detective. 


How To Get Started
Interestingly, I was searching for a business plan template over the net, and thanks to Microsoft Office‘ free templates, I was able to download one to feature in this blog. (For more business templates, please click here). 

In Entrepreneur Philippines September 2010 issue, “Writing Your Business RoadmapRocel Ann G. Junia mentioned the basic framework of a business plan:

1. Overview (Product) – Talk about your concept. What is your vision? How do you see the future of your business? Who makes up your team?

2. Marketplace (Market) – Provide competitive scan of the industry where your business belongs. What are your chances of winning big against all these competitors? How do you shine above the rest?

3. Gameplan (Production) – How do you execute your business? How do you operationalize? How do you market your products?

4. Money Trail (Financials) – What is your cashflow (in and out)? What do your financial statements say or project?

Now that you have these 4 basic concepts, expound them via a real document. Download a free office template from Microsoft, or you can view it here (the template with some format revisions and comments indicated):

Start writing my business plan.

Happy writing!

Credits to Microsoft Office Templates and Entrepreneur Philippines. 

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