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Find a Moolah (Money) Buddy

Find a Moolah (Money) Buddy

No, not someone to join you in overshopping or tolerate your paycheck-goodbye mode.

A moolah buddy is someone who will support you in your race towards savings and investment.

If you happen to know how Alcoholics Anonymous works, it is composed of alcohol-dependents who gather together to talk about their struggle and successes in overcoming the addiction.

Same goes here, your money buddy or money buddies if they are many will help you fulfill your dream.


How Does it Work

  • Have someone to share with your struggle in money. It may not be the usual office theme talk, or even a homey topic. But sharing your real-life experience with someone who understands or someone who feels the same way will help you understand the situation better. 
  • Set up a race! Challenge each other who saves more or who saves fastest in the group. There’s no other way to finish a race but to beat not others, but your own self limitations. 
  • Catch up on a regular basis. It’s not just going to be a one-time commitment thing. It is something that can last forever. 
  • Work out together! Like a Zumba session or a group diet program, being with like-minded people helps you get your act together and persevere. Don’t you find it nice to get fresh perspectives on why you should or should not buy the red dress on sale?

Now who could your money buddy be? 

  • Your partner. Your wife or husband, girlfriend or boyfriend, fiance or fiancee. Talk about money in the family. It isn’t supposed to be a secret like an affair. We do have an affair with our pockets. 
  • Your best friends, office network or school friends. They lovingly tell you what to work on and how you are doing. 
  • A personal finance guru. Invisible as it seems, “reach” out to the likes of Randell Tiongson, Efren Cruz, Bo Sanchez or Brendon Burchard. Sometimes, they are just clicks away. 

If you know how paluwagan works, or how a cooperative works, you’d know being “in” to the group who shares same vision and goals is like finding the perfect money buddy for you.

This post is an inspired article based on Daily Worth.

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