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5 Non-Cash Modes of Payment for Your Personal and Business Purchases

5 Non-Cash Modes of Payment for Your Personal and Business Purchases

Mobile banking, online banking, digital payments – we are living the age when ATM machines are no longer speculated and online payments are recognized worldwide. 
If you want to defer cash outflow, or if you have received payments through non-traditional means, you can choose the following means to pay for your personal and business use:

  1. Credit Cards – the plastic card is a powerful flat tool of payment to defer payment for about 20-50 days depending on the card issuing bank. With a given credit limit, you can maximise this amount if you do not want to pay cash for the next few weeks. However, it is still your responsibility to pay off the loan on or before the due date. It’s not free money, friend. Be responsible.
  2. GCASH or SMART MONEY – It’s like a sim loaded with money. For people who buy and sell goods online, you can pay through GCASH or SMART MONEY. You need to have a Globe or Smart sim to transact. You can also post your mobile numbers online to inform clients that you accept payment through this means. To know more, read more information by clicking the links: Smart Money and Globe GCASH.
  3. Gift Certificates – if you happen to have received GCs, why not sell your GCs (maybe at lower rate) to liquidate the GCs to cash? You can also retail purchases using your SODEXO pass.
  4. Paypal – said to be world’s favorite online mode of payment, Paypal enables you to buy purchases online, and also receive payment. To know more about Paypal, click here.
  5. Money transfers – Remittances play significant day-to-day cashflow activity to most families here in the Philippines. There are ubiquitous centers such as Western Union, MoneyGram and pawnshops such as Cebuana Lhullier

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