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Cheap Finds: Check out 8 Bargain Centers in the Philippines

Cheap Finds? Check out 8 Bargain Centers in the Philippines

Are you an entrepreneur looking for suppliers for your business?

Or perhaps a homemaker looking for wholesale price for food?

Or simply a professional looking for quality gadgets.

Maybe a lover planning for a big sweet surprise?

Cheap goods are easy to find here in the Philippines – thanks to the bargain centers known as “tiangge.”


If you opt to go to malls, you’d probably find prices which you think are what you get for easily accessible goods. But if you want more choices, more bargains, you can be better off in bargain trading centers or shops known for ultimately bringing cheap goods for your business or personal use.

For years of actually accompanying my mother in buying our store supplies at Divisoria, I realized that you feel much better after you find great deals knowing you only stashed a few bucks rather than getting the product that is branded but pricey. It feels good to be at Divisoria!

Here is a list of places to find cheap finds:

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“Divi” is the place to be. For money-savvy individuals wanting more out of their peso, Divisoria is a suppliers’ favorite haven. You can find almost everything here – China-sourced goods and supplies. It’s an experience on itself – the literal hustle and bustle, the bumps against sweaty bodies, the haggling and searching until you get a good buy.



From the produce of the North like the provinces of Baguio, Pangasinan and Benguet, you can find here organically grown agricultural products and seafood. Visit the long array of supplies with various kinds of fruits and vegetables delivered everyday. Make sure you go to Balintawak early in the morning to be able to buy in bulk in wholesale prices.



If you’re looking for radios, guitars, television sets and other appliances, you can find all these in the Raon Shopping Center in Manila.


Easily accessible station, Gilmore houses computers and gadgets stores. Said to be an IT center along the train stations, Gilmore has a lot of electronics stores to choose from. I bought my PC at Gilmore through a 0% amortization using my HSBC credit card before, and I could say I got a quality personal computer at a reasonably cheap price of about Php20,000.



Dreading Valentine’s Day due to low budget? Head on to Dangwa and get surprisingly good deals for your floral needs. Rememberto visit few stores before making a deal!

Navotas Fish Port
If you happen to watch an extreme challenge or a documentary by GMA7, you might be familiar with the “bulungan” (whisper) tradition where in order to keep the secrecy of your haggle, you need to whisper your bid to the seller. The lucky (highest bidder, of course) gets the tray of fish. Make sure you come to the port early, and wear boots and comfy clothes.



Pet lovers haven – Cartimar is a long line of stores offering animal needs products, grooming and pet health care services.

Taytay Market

Cheap clothes – where some finds from Divisoria are actually sourced.

Can you think of other sources to bargain-hunt? 

Always remember that it’s cheaper to buy in wholesale, and never lose sight of your personal belongings when in crowded places!
Happy bargains!

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