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More Filipinos drawn to stock market

In Philippine Daily Inquirer’s More Filipinos drawn to stock market by Paolo Montecillo June 22, 2012, the 500,000 benchmark is now breached, with about 505,054 retail investor accounts in the country today. This is a 1.3% improvement  from last year’s record. Institutional accounts also grew by 7.5%.  In terms of participation, local accounts hold majority […]

2012 PH Forbes Billionaires’ List: MVP and RSA Out, Razon Biggest Mover

In Philippine Daily Inquirer’s Henry Sy still tops Forbes 2012 list of PH’s 40 Richest June 21, 2012: The top 10 richest in the Philippines are: 1. Henry Sy; $9.1 billion 2. Lucio Tan; $4.5 billion 3. Enrique Razon Jr.; $3.6 billion 4. John Gokongwei Jr.; $3.2 billion 5. David Consunji; $2.7 billion 6. Andrew […]

How Often Should You Review Important Areas of Your Finances?

Sum up all the service charges for withdrawing from the “other” bank ATM machine.Plus the overdraft charges for missing the minimum balance requirement for your checking account.Plus the finance charges and late fees charges for not paying your credit card on time.You’d probably incurred and stashed a lot of moolah. Or maybe check out the […]

Top Paid Athletes According to Forbes

Why do we pay premium to athletes such as Michael Jordan, Manny Pacquiao and Tiger Woods? It is because they have the rare talent worth the money.  And not just enough money, but millions of it. They have basically “crowd sourced” the talent, making them known to the sport, if not the best they can […]

Master Forex Trader Mark So Live in Cebu!

    Master Forex Trader   Mark So    Live in Cebu! Complete Forex Trading Course Predict the movement of the US Dollar and othermajor currencies correctlyLearn exactly when to buy or sell dollars with Mark So on June 26-27, 2012 (9AM to 5PM)@ Waterfront Cebu Lahug Visit www.CebuForex.com and watch Mark’s interview on Enroll now and get LIFETIME support! Three easy steps […]

You are invited to FREE Personal Finance Talk and Learn How to become RFP – June 27

From info@rfp.ph: Preparing a personal financial budget can be an overwhelming task. Many individuals struggle with financial obligations. This impacts their work performance and overall quality of life. Most people believe that the only solution to their financial stress is in earning more money. Experience showed us how most people in our culture spend all […]

The Billionaire Series: Warren Buffet (Infograph)

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Mutual Funds. More Fun in the Philippines

If you’ve been hiding in caves, you might not be aware that the current savings rate for your ATM or passbook account is 0.0375%. Go grab a calculator and compute how much you can earn by end of year! If in case before you could probably get the cheapest burger at Jollibee or McDo, this […]

50 Time Tested Classic Trading Rules for the Modern Trader to Follow

I’ve been trading stocks since school days through a simulated stock trading game. For me, stock trading is one of the best investments a young professional can venture into, especially for retirement and long term goals. However, I want to debunk the myth that you can leave a stock for decades and earn big time. Everybody […]

Financially FREEbook: What’s Your Decision? by Ignatian Spirituality

I’m in twentiesh middle life crisis. Haha! I admit that. And sometimes, it doesn’t make me  happy. But it entertains me. I’m 26 years old, single, little lady banker here in the Philippines. I love dogs. I love to think. Sometimes, I do think too much. Hahaha! I’m actually loving more the silence whenever I […]