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7-11 and Ministop Franchises

7-11 and Ministop Franchises

7-11 and Ministop stores are ubiquitous in Makati.
In the morning you see queues of yuppies paying for breakfast goodies – noodles, siopao, bread, juices and coffee. Lunch time you see them buying hotdog sandwiches, easy to cook noodles, rice meals. If you happen to ride the Magnum bandwagon, you surely have seen the Magnum posters and paraphernalia in front of 7-11 stores. Yuppies walk their way to stores to buy the belgian ice cream during breaks. Dinner time you notice night shifters spending time at stores to fill in hungry tummies. Or maybe just a sweet slurpee, soft serve ice cream or Hershey’s chocolate drink. Or just in case you need an emergency umbrella, napkin or hair clip – convenience stores have it all.

Here are franchise information about the most visible convenience stores in the Philippines:

Telephone # 726-9968


Telephone # 637-9956-57
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