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The True Millionaire's Prayer

The True Millionaire’s Prayer

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The True Millionaire’s Prayer
Today, I ask You to bless me so that I may become a blessing.
Lord, I commit myself to enrich others.
But because I cannot give what I do not have, I commit myself to become rich.
I commit myself to serve You and to serve the poor with my wealth.
Today, I open myself to the abundance of Your universe.
Use me as Your channel of love. 
Give me the ability to create wealth that I will bless the world.
Increase my financial wisdom and expand my territories.
I place my life in Your hands. 
My financial goal:
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Date when this goal will happen:
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Note: Pray this daily until your fulfill it.


My boyfriend lent me a book by Brother Bo Sanchez’ 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich. Inserted in one of the pages was a piece of paper with a prayer above. It was signed off by my boyfriend, with exact details on how much he wanted to get and how much he wanted to save and invest. Lo and behold, he got his dream about a month after as specified in his prayer.


And more than a year after I read the letter, I guess it’s time for me to take the prayer in my heart and pray for it. God has been good and He will always be. He has given me not just material wealth but love. Love immeasurable. Love priceless. Love beyond words.

I pray to be a true millionaire. 
I pray to be one of God’s loving millionaires.
And I claim in Jesus’ name that I’ll be one.
Never miss the money rush!
Be in the money know.
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Happy millions!
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