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August is the Dreaded Ghost Month: More on PSEI Seasonality

August is the Dreaded Ghost Month.  In Mark T. Market’s Bernstein Seasonality and the PSEi he discussed the Bernstein methodology to figure out the bulls and the bears in a stock market. The methodology makes use of normalized stock prices and graphed to see the trends. In his analysis, the dips are in March, rally […]

Invest in Bahay Bonds Series 2 for as low as Php5000

Bahay Bonds are safe, high yielding and affordable investment instruments. The bonds are guaranteed by the Home Guaranty Corporation. Invest in Bahay Bonds and get a chance to win any of the three house and lot packages to be raffled off among individual investors. BENEFITS TO INVESTORS 1.    High Quality Assets. All securitized loans are […]

Update on 2012 Financial Goals – Is’t Still Exciting for 2012?

If you happen to drop by this humble blog during the start of the year, you might have read my post Exciting Things are in Store for 2012! where I outlined my financial goals for the entire year. August is about to come and I think I was a month late reviewing my financial goals […]

EcoBits: Stocks Up on Central Bank Interest Cut

cartoonstock.com In our first post in the series EcoBits, I promise to shed light on economic news and how it impacts us investors. In Doris Dumlao’s “Stocks up on BSP rate cut” in Philippine Daily Inquirer July 28, 2012: Local stocks rallied Friday after the local central bank slashed key interest rates to a record […]

Game Plan on GMA7: Did I Make a Mistake in Selling Early?

In March 2012 I sold my shares of GMA7. Bought at 7.13, sold at 10. That’s about 39% net profit. I was happy when I sold it. Though the stock price inched some cents up to date, I think I don’t regret selling my shares then. As I always say, profit is a profit.Will GMA7 be […]

Will MVP Buy GMA7 at Php52.5 Billion?

bluryeye.blogspot.com Two hot articles on MVP’s plan to buy GMA7: Credits to Inquirer.net and Interaksyon.com Inquirer “Pangilinan willing to pay a premium for GMA 7” July 21, 2012 by Doris Dumlao MANILA, Philippines–Businessman Manuel V. Pangilinan said Friday his group was willing to buy local broadcasting giant GMA Network Inc. (GMA 7) at a price […]

Like or Dislike: In Property Sector, There Can Only Be 2

Like or Dislike? In Interaksyon.com “In property sector, there can be only 2” July 9, 2012 by Krista Angela Montealegre, Jones Lang LaSalle Leechiu said that Ayala Land and SMDC will gain strong share in the real estate industry in the future. http://www.interaksyon.com/  MANILA – In the end, there can be only two property companies […]

Delfin Lee and Globe Asiatique Alleged Scam

My cousin bought two condo units in one of the Globe Asiatique projects in Quezon City. The last news I heard was RCBC would be taking over the property. My cousin is an Overseas Filipino Worker working in Dubai as an engineer.She bought two condo units, one for herself and one for her girlfriend (yeap, she’s lesbian).Today, […]

Let’s Do the Math on the Birkin Scam

This post is actually out of my curiosity how the scammer and victims agreed in this kind of scheme. If you want to read the earlier post about the Birkin Scam, please read “The Birkin Scam: Runaway with Millions, Runaway with Bags.”Thanks to Inquirer’s “The P500-million ‘Birkin scam,’ or how a woman’s obsession led to […]

How to Detect and Avoid Investment Scams

As of this writing, we’ve featured two scams in the blog, one is the famous Birkin Scam involving a former flight attendant turned art gallery director allegedly duping members of high society in a top brand bag reselling scheme. Another one is about a certain archaelogist who emailed random people seeking for a Filipina nanny. […]