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Jo Valerio on Very Inspiring Pinoys (VIP) Series

Jo Valerio on Very Inspiring Pinoys (VIP) Series


Mag-Invest Ka Pinoy!

He is the man behind Mag-Invest Ka Pinoy! website.
The proud and confident eagle waiting for the perfect time.
And that time is to be start and grow investing.

Let’s read Jo Valerio’s story on how he started investing and how eager he is to educate every Filipino on the value of financial literacy.

1. How did you start investing?

I started investing after reading Francisco Colayco’s book “Pera Mo, Palaguin Mo” but it was not a hot start. I needed to get out debt first before I did it. It took me five years from being the money making machine of those credit card companies and became a small time investor. Because our life became simple during our struggle in paying our debt, we continue until we are free from debt. And from there, we pay the same amount but not for a credit card company but to our investments.

2. Who/what inspires you to invest?

Never going back again to a broken financial life inspires me to invest and continue preparing for our future and my next generations future.

3. What are your biggest and greatest learnings so far?

Investing is a long journey and perseverance, dedication and discipline are the key to your success. Enjoy the ride and I assure you that the long journey is worthy.

4. What would you suggest to an ordinary Filipino who has never started saving up or investing?

Take some baby step towards Investing. It is not too late. You need to ACT NOW! INVEST NOW! Mag-Invest Ka Pinoy!

Let me share with you my favorite Investing song “Don’t stop believin” by Journey. Yes! that’s my investing song. Why? Because I never stop believing that I can achieve my goals and dreams and I will be there… Soon! It is a long “Journey” Indeed but I think its a risk worth-taking.

5. How do you see yourself in this journey 10 to 20 years from now?

Wealthy! =)
To Mr. Jo Valerio – thank you so much for being a Very Inspiring Pinoy!

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Every Filipino deserves to be financially free.
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Happy millions!

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