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Katrina Feliciano on Very Inspiring Pinoys (VIP) Series

Katrina Feliciano on Very Inspiring Pinoys (VIP) Series

You don’t have to be a billionaire.

You don’t have to be a superstar.
Here at MoneyLifeBlood, we feature ordinary people making an extraordinary step towards financial freedom. 
You can be a newbie, a veteran trader, a sari-sari store owner, or whoever you are.
For our first instalment of Very Inspiring Pinoys (VIP) Series, we feature the self-confessed newbie – Katrina Feliciano. 
Read her story. 
She is definitely taking a bold step towards Filipino Financial Freedom.

1. How did you start investing?

I started investing last year, 2012, after resigning from my work. I did not have enough money at that time because when I was employed, I did not know how to save. While I was looking for sources of income like part-time work and small investments, my university batch mate introduced Citiseconline’s website and told me that I can earn from the stock market. I did not really understand stock trading before but I was curious and interested since I was looking for potential investments to make my money grow. Having the luxury of time, I went to COL Financial’s office in Ortigas to attend their basic seminars. I learned so many things from the event such as “What is the stock market”, “How I can earn”, “What to expect”, and so on. COL Financial gave a very good picture of the stock market without any overstatement. After the seminars on that same day, I deposited 10K with hopes that I will have a brighter future.

2. Who/what inspires you to invest?

What motivates me to invest is financial security in the future. I have to admit I was really immature before when it comes to money. For me, money should be spent and I thought that money will always be there (because I was employed). But after resigning, it hit me when I read the saying “If we never save money or invest, we will always be poor no matter how much we earn.” It sank in deeper because I had no job and each day required me to shed money for food, transportation, and other necessary expenses. It made me a little bit concerned, that is why since then I poured a lot of effort by saving habitually starting from P4,000 per month- a big fraction of what I was earning from my part-time source of income- until I gradually increased it to 70% of what I was earning.

3. What are your biggest and greatest learnings so far?

One lesson that I learned from stock investing is that time is really essential. Have I done this before when I was still employed and was earning steadily, I might have owned a better portfolio riding the bullish market now. Another one is knowledge. I have some friends who are proudly saying that they are stock investors but when I ask them about their plan or strategies, they end up staring at me blankly. It turns out that they are trading in the market with little or no knowledge at all. This is a really risky way and may jeopardize all of your investments. Lastly, a stock investor must have a goal. We call these entry and exit strategies. You must know until when you should hold on to your stocks.

4. What would you suggest to an ordinary Filipino who has never started saving up or investing?

Filipinos who would want to invest should start educating themselves first. Take advantage of our modern technology wherein you can access different articles, blogs, and even shows on Youtube. Make sure you know the basic information first like building your emergency funds, identifying different investment tools, procedures for investing, and what to expect. These will prepare you mentally on how to deal with your investments. Once you have learned the basics of investment, start building your strategy by focusing on your goal. Recognize if you are aiming for short term or long term as well as the risk that you can handle. Lastly, implement and stick to your plan. Build your investment portfolio by regularly investing and not deviating away from your strategy.

5. How do you see yourself in this journey 10 to 20 years from now?

To tell you the truth I do not know how to see myself 10-20 years from now but I am very hopeful that my investment will pay off in the future. The stock market is too volatile and speculating is not my thing. I also know for a fact that investments don’t have guarantees.I just stick to my plan of diversifying my investments from different risk levels and by the time I retire I hope that I have money enough for traveling, enjoying, and helping others.In terms of financial literacy, until I age, I will continue to share my experience with people who are interested to invest. 

To Miss Katrina Feliciano – thank you so much for being a Very Inspiring Pinoy!

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Every Filipino deserves to be financially free.
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