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Raketer Mama on Very Inspiring Pinoy (VIP) Series

Raketeer Mama on Very Inspiring Pinoy (VIP) Series


Raketeer Mama is in the house!

Practical tips and tricks at her blog, great quick advice with her write-up below.

She maintains various blogs which I believe women would enjoy such as Fit and Fashion Mom.

Let’s get started with her financial journey!

1. How did you start investing?

Actually I want to invest in the stock market back in 2010 but it didn’t happen because of fear and procrastinating, then when a blogger friend ask some procedures on how to invest in the stocks the thread grew and I began researching about stock investing and found out Aya Laraya’s show in YouTube, that’s when I started processing my papers, and started buying stocks on Feb. 14, 2013.
2. Who/what inspires you to invest?
There are actually many of them who inspire me to invest like Warren Buffet, Bro. Bo Sanchez, Mr. Edward Lee and my husband.

3. What are your biggest and greatest learnings so far?

So far the biggest and greatest lessons I learned is not to get excited when the price goes up and not to be sad when the price goes down. Especially when the price is up, I can’t top up my investment and when the price goes down I cannot buy them because of lack of funds in buying power

4. What would you suggest to an ordinary Filipino who has never started saving up or investing?

That it is never too early to save and invest, do not follow my way that I delayed my investing in the stock market, I just can’t imagine how much I lost by just delaying my actions

5. How do you see yourself in this journey 10 to 20 years from now?

I want to retire early and enjoy life with my family but with a passive income, I am seeing myself just helping and guiding grand children by then.

Raketer Mama

To Raketeer Mama – thank you so much for being a Very Inspiring Pinoy!

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