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Vicky Peralta on Very Inspiring Pinoys (VIP) Series

Vicky Peralta on Very Inspiring Pinoys (VIP) Series

“Hi Krissy,
I just want to share my story. I hope this will be able to inspire someone.

Ms. Vicky shares her story on how she and her husband started investing in mutual fund/insurance, stocks and how she leverages on a savings program through her company. 
Read how she feels towards this journey – the ups and downs, the dream of encouraging her loved ones to invest, and the happiness this journey brings. 
She proves that the right time to invest is now. And you need persistence, patience, to keep up with the journey.
Let’s read her story.

1. When did you start investing?

My husband and I started investing in 2003 to a mutual fund cum insurance where part of your annual investment during the first 2 years is allocated to insurance. It was supposed to be a 10-year investment period but because of shift in priorities, we were only able to complete 4 years. In 2007, we did a one-time investment on equity fund, which is the newest on mutual funds that time. When the economic downturn hit the world in 2008, we stopped monitoring the price of those funds because it hurts so much when you see your investment going down fast like a heavy cannonball. In 2009, the company I worked for offered a program to employees where you save a certain amount deducted from your payroll every month for 3 years and then at the end of 3 years, the money you saved will be used to buy shares of company stocks at the price from 3 years ago. The savings earned 45%. In 2011, I started looking at listed companies at PSE and I was amazed how some companies managed to make those graphical lines go up. That was the time when I tried to invest in stock market by opening a BPI trade, not so much of an amount was invested, i just used those extra pesos to buy shares and it earned a profit. Late last year, I enrolled in COL.

2. Who/what inspires you to invest?

My goal of being financially free, retired by age 48 and enjoying life with my husband as we approach the twilight years are what inspire me to invest. Last year when the Philippine economy is starting to soar, I asked our financial manager about our mutual funds and despite the incomplete premium, our money grew by 50% and as I write this, the value is already doubled. This also inspired me to invest more.

3. What are your biggest and greatest learnings so far?

You see, my journey on investment is quite long, if I count the years from the time I started until now. But my problem is consistency. My heart easily breaks when I see a dip in performance, which should not be the case, because a problem always has an opportunity potential. Had I continued to invest on mutual funds consistently, I should have finished it by now, reaping more profits and might be a milionaire already! Also, one of my mistake then was lack of knowledge on investing. Yes, we do have several investments but I did not set aside time to learn more. I only took learning and reading about the different vehicles in making your money grow seriously in 2012. Thanks to the internet, Brother Bo’s TRC and to TGFI group, I learned a lot.

4. What would you suggest to an ordinary Filipino who has never started saving up or investing?

The time to save and invest is now. Don’t wait for that perfect time when you will start to invest because it will not come. Every now and then, we will find excuse to delay. Don’t wait for that time you hear yourself say, “I should have started earlier”.

5. How do you see yourself in this journey 10 to 20 years from now? 

I see myself to be financially free in 10 to 20 years, reaping the profits of my investments and have more than enough wealth to enjoy life with my family and to share to whoever that needs help.
(I also see myself mentoring my relatives, not in 10 or 20 years but now, on how to invest and bug them to start saving and investing)!

To Ms. Vicky Peralta – thank you so much for being a Very Inspiring Pinoy!

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Every Filipino deserves to be financially free.
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