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Blogging 101 Series: The Ultimate Guide to Blogging and Earning From It

Blogging 101 Series: The Ultimate Guide to Blogging and Earning From It!

Today, blogs and websites have been source of unique, inspirational and engaging content.

People are looking for stories about personal experience, product or gadget reviews, cuisine and restaurant reviews, travel recommendations and so much more.

Facebook and Twitter have made it easy for people globally to discuss, comment and feedback on almost anything.

Here’s a quick crash course to Blogging 101 to starting your own dream blog.

How would I know if blogging is for me? 

  • If you have a knack for writing, then why not start a blog and earn from it?
  • If you feel like you’ve got something to worth to say, about a particular topic, say you are trend-savvy on mobile phones and tablets, then why not start and build a website that you can 1) share with like-minded people and interested people who want to know more 2) earn from the site at the same time. If you can be authority to your main topic, then blog! You can also invite writers and source paid articles or guest writers to increase content of your blog.
  • If you have time to blog, like if you have spare time to conceptualize and research about topics. And that you can balance your time for work, family, personal needs.
  • If you’ve got sensible internet service such that it won’t be too costly as blogging requires a lot of time. You can even stay at coffee shops while drinking your favorite cup of coffee and write.
  • If it’s not in conflict with your job.

How do I start creating my own website or blog?

There are two ways you can start a blog or website. As a beginner, I started using Blogger and WordPress.

You might ask. Blogger or WordPress?

In my personal experience, Blogger is easy-to-use than WordPress, but WordPress has several features (to be discussed later) such as plugins that may not be available through Blogger.

Using a Free Blogging Platform:

  • Blogger or WordPress. Register at Blogger.com or WordPress.com using a valid email address. 
  • Design your site! Choose a theme. You can customize the look of your site by choosing a theme. Do you want a simple black and white? Or a colorful site to reflect your bubbly personality? You can choose from themes available in either platform, and there are also paid themes available online.
  • Add stand-alone pages. These are the tabs you see above the site: usually has the following elements:
  1. Home
  2. Mission
  3. About
  4. Contact Us
  • Add content. Now, start adding posts to your blog!

Free or Self-Hosted? You choose.

So you might be asking, why do I need to pay for a domain name and hosting package if I can just blog for free?

First of all, you are not required to buy a domain name or a web hosting package. Some trading diaries I know (check out my Links section) are hosted for free through Blogger or WordPress. You can still earn (you will know how later) even if you use a free blogging platform.

Here are some advantages though if you get a self-hosted site:

  • Readers and sponsors sense that you are serious about blogging.
  • Readers and sponsors can view and feel the professionalism in your layout, theme (some features that can only be available if you self-host).
  • You take out the “blogspot” or “wordpress” in the website link hence making it easier to type and search for it.

Creating a Self-hosted Blog or Website:

  • Choose a domain name. Domain is the www.yourwebsitename.com. This domain name is unique. 
  • Choose the suitable extension. There are various extensions you can choose from such as .com, .org, .net, etc depending on the main topic of your site. 

When choosing a domain name:

  • Choose a name that is easy to search for. There is a worldwide known strategy such as SEO (Search Engine Optimization – more on this later) that tells bloggers to choose key words so that you possibly top the lists when people look for your topic online such as in Google or Yahoo. Choose a name that exactly fits your niche topic, such as Mobile Phone Philippines.
  • Check out first a domain name provider if your chosen domain name is not yet taken by anyone. You can check Namecheap (see below) and find out. 
  • Pay for the domain name through credit card. It is renewable every year and cost would range from $4 during promos to usually $10.

Namecheap.com - Cheap domain name registration, renewal and transfers - Free SSL Certificates - Web Hosting

To make your site visible to all readers worldwide, you need a hosting provider.

Choose a hosting site:

  • Pay for a web hosting domain. In my other blogs, I prefer Hostgator:

  • Follow installation procedures in this video:


  • Login using your account information at www.yourwebsitename.com/wp-admin if you are using WordPress.

Engage people through Social Media

  • Make your site known to people by creating a Facebook page.
  • You can also ask your friends and readers to follow you through Twitter.
  • Ask your readers to subscribe via Feedburner. This way, they can automatically receive updates on latest articles via email. 

Now, how do I earn from it?

  • Google Adsense. Make sure you add Google Adsense links to your website. 
  • Infolinks. Infolinks are those double underlines you see and block of information you see when you click or pop a phrase. 
  • Sponsors. Companies or businesses can contact you for possible paid posts hence make sure your contact details are clearly indicated in the website.
  • Affiliates. Most people I know have been doing affiliate program, such as atracting new members to join the Truly Rich Club

Need inspirations?

Check out the following blogs and websites I’m personally following:

Now that we have given you this crash course on blogging 101, it’s time for you to start writing!’
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Happy blogging!

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