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11 Premium Stock Market Newsletters You Can Subscribe

11 Premium Stock Market Newsletters You Can Subscribe

Aside from your favorite broker’s recommendation, you might one to subscribe to stock market newsletters to help you weed out the unwanted stocks and filter in stocks you want to put your money into. Some call it “Financial Leverage.”

Check out these eleven (11) newsletters which offer regular market updates and stock picks.


  • Please do contact the email information provided below to confirm any changes in premium packages and content details. 
  • Not paid to advertise the following, just a source of information for the investors of today.

Please subscribe at your own risk!

This post is an updated article based on previous article: 6 Premium Stock Market Newsletters You Can Subscribe.


1 Alpha Playbook 

From the Facebook page: “Let your profits do the talking”

Receive regular PSE stock updates + chart/research requests.”
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Vist Facebook group here.

You can download sample of reports in the Facebook page.

Contact email: michaelbryanlim@gmail.com

Cost: Php3,500/year

Mangun on Markets

From the website: “In 2008, I started providing stock trading advice and recommendations to Subscribers of my PSE Strategy Guide, and since last year, through my website MangunOnMarkets.com

The one lesson I have learned in more than 30 years of stock trading is that you must have a trading strategy and then you must trade your plan. But where do you get The Plan?

Your stockbroker’s hot tips?
Your brother-in-law’s highly placed connections?
Your gut feelings?

Technical analysis is intended to provide us with the price trends of the broad market and also individual issues. More importantly, it helps define price entry and exit points for profits and exit prices when the price trend changes direction.

It gives us our much needed PLAN.”

Subscribe into our premium page to give you an access in our premium PSE updates, audios & articles.

Visit website here.


₱3000 Every 1 Month (Starter)
₱9000 Every 3 Months (Deluxe)
₱15000 Every 6 Months (Platinum)

3 Market Conquistador 

From the Facebook page: “Market Conquistador is a weekly journal (released on Saturdays) that contains Magellan’s Technical Bounce Analyses (plural) on his chosen PSE stocks. Mario Jordan F. Fetalino III, better known as “Magellan Fetalino”, is a visionary who intends to prove that retiring from the rat race can be possibly done at an early age.”

Visit its Facebook page here.

Contact email: magellanfetalino@yahoo.com

Cost: $15/month

4 Trading Edge Training and Consultancy

From the website: “For individuals who need help picking good stocks and who are interested in additional forecasting tools, we offer you Trading Edge Equity Advisor – your source of quality stock analyses, research and data.

What will you get:

​​Trading Edge Equity Advisor

1. Timely Technical Picks and Features by our resident Market Technician. Check our previous works in our blog or facebook page. Be the first to catch the move! 🙂

2. Weekly Newsletter​​

Relative valuation table per sector: Know which stocks are undervalued versus its peers. Uses industry projected estimate values. Best used for screening out expensive stocks!
Compilation of average target prices from top foreign and local brokers: Know how the big brokers see the worth of the companies.
Note: Some of the data included in the report are not usually available to retail investors but you will have access to it through our newsletter​

3. Monthly compilation of the top holdings of major Philippine equity funds

4. ​​​Priority on stock queries: Ask us stock related questions anytime! 🙂

5. Invitation to our fun gatherings

Visit website here.

​​​Regular Rate: Php 8,000 per year

Limited Offer: Php 5,500 per year (Save more than 30%)​

5 Truly Rich Club

From the website:

  • Receive 2 PowerTalks every month (instant access via MP3)
  • Receive Bo’s Success Mentors Collection (1 every 3 months for 1 Year)–FREE
  • Receive WealthStrategies newsletters every month–FREE
  • Receive Daily GodWhispers Email–FREE
  • Receive How To Be Truly Rich Seminar–FREE
  • Receive How To Conquer Your Goliath Ebook–FREE
  • Receive How To Turn Thoughts Into Things Ebook–FREE
  • Earn Passive Income by being Bo’s Affiliate in the TrulyRichClub
  • Earn Passive Income with Bo’s other Internet Work
  • Receive My Very Practical Ebook, My Maid Invests In The Stock Market…And Why You Should Too.–FREE
  • Receive My Stocks Update. –FREE

Visit website here.

Cost: Php495/month

I’ve written a comprehensive review of the Truly Rich Club – please check out this related post:

6 Tsupitero.com by Miko Sayo

From the Facebook group: “The Tsupitero Newsletter is a daily Technical Analysis report by Miko S. Sayo. 

The report is divided into three parts:
1. A daily Technical Analysis report of the PSEi;
2. A comprehensive Technical Analysis report of the most active and volatile stock during the day;
3. Five Recommended stocks for tsupita (short-term) trades; and,
4. A short technical analysis of five of the most active and most volatile stocks for the day.

The comprehensive Technical Analysis report of the most volatile and active stock during the day is divided between a Technical Analysis for Tsupiteros (short-term traders) and a Technical Analysis for Position Traders. Each of these Technical Analysis will include such data as its daily chart, support, resistance, trend, average true range, relative strength vs. the Phisix, a discussion of the technical character of the stock and a recommendation. Included also in the analysis of each of these stocks are other practical information such as the top three buying and selling brokers for the past five days, the amount that these brokers bought and sold for the past five days, the net foreign buying and/or selling for the past five days and the news or rumor currently affecting the movement of the stock in the short-term.

With regards to the “Recommended stocks for Tsupita” section of the newsletter, I usually choose around 5 stocks that are actually my best bets for a short-term trade or for a Tsupita. With each stock recommendation, there is a short technical description of the stock as well as my suggested trigger for buying the stock.

The Tsupitero newsletter will be emailed everyday on or before 10:00 in the evening.”

Contact email: miko@tsupitero.com
Visit website here
Cost: Php1,000/month

7 The Hint by Admin Ollie of SMP (Stock Market Pilipinas)

From Stock Market Pilipinas website:

The SMP Journal is a daily market report generated by Admin Ollie of SMP. It is a summarized report on the stock trading activities made by brokers and traders in the Philippine Stock Exchange. The Journal is sent to subscribers daily thru email and is best read every morning just before the start of trading in the PSE.

Subscription is $15 per month only and credit card (Mastercard or Visa) is the preferred mode of payment transfer via PayPal. PayPal is a secure online payment service system owned and operated by eBay, the world’s largest online auction site. PayPal operates in over 190 countries and has more than 230 million in member accounts. PayPal’s total trade transaction in 2009 was at US$71B. That’s how safe and secure PayPal is.

Payments could also be coursed thru BPI and BDO if there’s no credit card.

If paying thru card, click “SUBSCRIBE” then when you see this “No PayPal account? Pay using your credit or debit card” click the highlightedcredit or debit card then fill in card details requested. There is no need to enter any email or password.

The SMP Journal itself contains no hyping of stocks although there maybe HINTS but that’s all there is to it. The Journal is written to be easily understood by newbie level traders as it also suits well for those busy at work persons that can’t monitor how the market progresses daily. In short, the SMP Journal is a useful tool in fast tracking the learning curve of the newbie, and second, in keeping the busy office trader abreast with what happened in the market.

One feature of PayPal for subscription payments is its “Unsubscribe” option. Once decision to subscribe has been made and the “Subscribe” button has been clicked and subsequent payment has been made, the subscriber can just as easily unsubscribe by just clicking the “unsubscribe” button below.

Visit website here.

Contact email: modolliejournal@gmail.com

Cost: $15/month

8 PinoyInvestor Premium Access 

From PinoyInvestor website:

PinoyInvestor’s official partner brokers are Angping & Associates Securities, Inc., AB Capital Securities, Inc., and F. Yap Securities, Inc. / 2TradeAsia.com, Unicapital Securities, DA Securities and Regina Capital Development Corporation. Duly-registered in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) as securities brokerage firms, our partners are some of the best in the country and among the few firms which offer online trading services!

Having teams of equity research professionals focused on PSE-listed companies, they provide PinoyInvestor with their Top Stock Picks, BUY / HOLD / SELL recommendations, and Buy/Sell target prices for these stock picks. Their stock picks for 2012 have resulted in HUGE returns!

We will also feature short summaries of some of their equity research reports on the PinoyInvestor Stocks Report. These summaries, together with their company information below, can help you determine which of these expert and highly recommended brokers is/are right for you!
Visit website here.

Contact email: support@pinoyinvestor.com

1. FREE version
2. Php399/month

PinoyInvestor large rectangle - 336x280

I’ve written a comprehensive review of the PinoyInvestor newsletter – check out this related post:

9 Andrei’s Tips and Tricks

From the Traders Camp website:

Traderscamp is led by a Management Team with 18 years experienced in stock trading. It had seen and suffered from the Asian Crisis in the mid 1990’s but also took the opportunities to recover and gain when the crisis reversed.

In 2007, the US Sub prime Crisis spawned a Global Financial Crisis and almost no one probably was spared from it. PSE stock prices went down sharply and continuously to the point where their book values were twice as much their board prices. The Management Team once again suffered from this but their lessons from the Asian Financial Crisis came in handy to be applied. The Management Team did not only survive the Crisis, It also took the situation as a “once in a life time opportunity” to invest. Such move came to fruition when finally the US-led Financial Crisis bottomed out in March 2009 and reversed

Traderscamp Management Team enjoys a wealth of market Experience.
Visit website here.

Contact email: andreitips@yahoo.com

10 Longneck’s Useful Chit Chats (UCC)

UCC’s are regular and exclusive updates written by veteran trader Longneck of FinanceManila.net.

Visit website here.

Contact email: dmnucc@yahoo.com


Yearly = Php 7,500 (equates to only 625 per month) (dalawang mocha frap lang yan!)
Semi-annually = Php 6,000 (equates to only 800 per month)
Monthly = P1,300 per month (strongly discouraged)

11 The Global Filipino Investors (TGFI) Newsletter

Why should I become a TGFI JUAN Subscriber?


1. TGFI Juan Subscription (complete package)

a. Weekly Theme Topics
b. Market Education
c. My Investment Story
d. Fundamental and Technical Analysis (on all the voted TOP 5 Companies)
e. Stock Pick Summary Table
f. Weekly Price Update
g. Pooled Funds Monthly Reviews
h. PSE Market Announcements
i. TGFI Announcements

2. Fundamental and Technical Analysis STOCK PICK of the Week

– Every week we will feature ‘one stock’ that we think has both margin of safety with Fundamental Analysis and with good gains potential using Technical Analysis charts. This time it’s our call but we’ll make sure it is reliable and safe to invest in!

3. TGFI Manila’s Seminar Video Documentary- Avail a Super Juan discount on our documentaries when you subscribe to our Newsletter. Learn from the best market experts in the Philippine Stock Market today like Aya Laraya (Pesos and Sense), Ricky So (RFP, TA Mentor), Ramir Libre (Financial Literacy Advocate), Ron Acoba (Head, Trading Edge), and Magellan Fetalino (The TBA Boy Wonder). Only the TGFI Super Juan subscriber will be privileged to get to watch and learn from all of them in one documentary!

4. Get an automatic 15% OFF on all our upcoming TGFI Seminars and Webinars!
(Special tie up are not included)

5. Be JUAN of US!
As our TGFI community grows we promise to educate more Filipinos worldwide, we’ve decided to spread financial literacy to more JUAN DELA CRUZ thru this project. We will be having investment seminars in different places all over the country/globe. Your subscription fees will also help our community to raise funds and give affordable seminars to our fellow kababayans.

IF NOT FREE THEN ATLEAST HAVE IT AS AFFORDABLE AS POSSIBLE. But we will need your support to the community and rest assured that for every monthly subscription fee you pay us; 50% of which will go directly to PROJECT TGFI –JUAN.


You have now the latest stock market newsletters. Please subscribe at your own risk. Kindly contact the above contact information for additional knowledge. Shop wisely and invest in these newsletters wisely!

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