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What's in your Dreamboard?

What’s in your Dreamboard?

I wake up in the morning.
Brush my teeth. Check.
Bathe. Check.
Go to work. Work. Go home. Check.
Sleep then wake up again. 
For most of us, we go through daily routines in life. We fulfill what the day has the offer and live with it. But the struggle inside remains. What am I living for? Who am I? What is my purpose in life? What makes me happy?
I’ve asked a question in our group on what’s inside their dreamboard. It’s a snapshot of their inner dreams, their aspirations, the goals that move them towards this financial journey. This is the beauty of sharing stories, experiences and being with like-minded people. Be inspired by their answers. Ten years from now, twenty years from now, look back at your dreamboard. Be amazed at how you’ve moved from point A to B. Look back at who you were and who you are today.
Dreamboards are powerful. Unleash it today.
I know some of you who are reading this may want to share too. Just hit the comment section below. 
Thanks to those who have responded. I’ve only included your first names. To all readers – if you want to meet them or engage in conversations, join Filipino Financial Freedom Facebook group today.

I want to have an online business that is fully automated =)
– Carlo

i have multiple streams of passive income through stocks, MF’s, UITF’s amounting to around 10 billion…i am a franchisor, i own multiple business…i have my own 30 storey building, which caters to my architectural and engineering firm, home to my franchise business and i lease to other businesses as well. my family and me goes to tour outside the country twice a year, and goes on a weekend vacation every 3 months…i can survive without working for 10 years. i am donating and actively participating in different causes and charitable works without going into politics. i teach martial arts, success strategies and financing to other people. and the clincher is, i am just a simple juan dela cruz, not wearing the bling-blings and all the sh*t the world thinks is the making of wealthy people.

– Ren

IPO my own company….

– Paolo

Have a 10 unit door apartment at the age of 27

– Harold

Retire working at 45 , with 20million at bank..

– Michael

i want to have a 20 unit 22sq mtr condo in Pajo QC

– Adelberto

My dreamboard contains: a honda jazz car, 2 storey dreamhouse with 3 bedroom minimum, retirement fund from stocks, MFs, UTIFs and bank savings, a food business, an agricultural land for relaxation, a beautiful partner and someday with children who has the same financial thinking like me.

– Mark

Pasensya na sa haba. Pls. be patient with me. here it is: 1. To have a 1M pesos in my Col Trading Account by March 2015, 2. to have 1M pesos in SALEF mutual fund in 2 years, SALBF 1m in 3 years, 1M accumulated In Trust Trading account each of my Triplets in 15 Years. 3. To have 5 condo real state assets which will provide us with passive income. 4. To have a farm, Where me & my wife will spend our retirement days. 5. To have a House & Lot in Quezon City. 6. To have a foundation ( Home for the aged, Street Children). 7. To have a Dorm/ apartelle for rent. To write a successful blog like ms. Krissy. 8. To author a book on personal Finance & personal development… Sorry andami eh. i’m sure with God’s help i will fulfill most of this..


first million

– Pablo
Begin drafting your dreamboard. Work on it. And pray for it. Include these dreams in our True Millionaire’s Prayer and ask the Lord to bless you on this endeavor.

Creating dreamboards is tackled in an earlier blogseries called Financial Planning Series.

The series is supposed to be a 10-posts series and I have covered 4 articles to date.
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