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7 Blog Affiliates: Make Money Through Blogging

7 Blog Affiliates: Make Money Through Blogging

We’ve given you the article Blogging 101: The Ultimate Guide to Blogging and Earning from it! and I hope with the article, you were able to start a blog which can be a possible source of passive income for you.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a rewards system whereby customers are brought to merchants for a sale or service and the blog or website to which ads are displayed is paid.

How does it work?

You need to visibly display ads and links of your affiliate partners.

How much can I potentially earn?

Google adsense pays out $100 as minimum threshold. Possibilities are endless!

Now, we give you a quick list of seven (7) affiliates you can partner with to make money through your blogs or websites.

Google Adsense

Source: http://textlinks.mobi

Google Adsense is perhaps the most popular affiliate you can put in your blog. Given your gmail account, you can start earning money when a visitor clicks your ad. Normally, the threshold at which you can start collecting payments from Google Adsense is $100, but you can choose to leave the money and withdraw it some other time. You will receive payments through check delivery or Western Union.


Source: http://randymarasigan.com

Infolinks are those double underlines you see in the text of a post. This gives you additional information about the word or the phrase once you hover your mouse on it. The threshold is $50 and payment can be received via Paypal.


Source: http://www.problogger.net

You can sell books, magazines, tablets, electronics, and any other products from Amazon.com. You can build widgets like favorite or most recommended books on a certain field. You can also allow Amazon to choose the items which would fit your blog.


Nuffnang has this cute blue logo which changes ads whenever there are new events or advertisements. You can even join contests sent directly by Nuffnang to your inbox.


Source: http://selfmademinds.com

Chikita actually resembles Google in terms of the way the ad looks. Chitika on one hand has pop-up ads which can be attractive or annoying to your readers.

In the Philippines, we do have affiliates which you can join to maximize your blog or website’s monetary potential.

Learning Curve

Source: http://iluvlearning.com/idevaffiliate/login.php

Learning Curve features Money Summit, seminars on foreclosure, Rich Dad Poor Dad, etc. And yes, they do offer affiliate program by which you just need to display ads and banners available to their affiliate page. You will earn once you are able to refer clients who signed up to the events.


Source: http://www.pinoyinvestor.com/

PinoyInvestor offers premium stock market newsletters guided by some of the country’s online stockbrokers: AngpingOnline, 2TradeAsia, First Metro Securities, Wealth Securities and AB Capital Securities.

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Create passive income through blogging.

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