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The Billionaire Series: Edward Lee

The Billionaire Series: Edward Lee

He is the founder of COL Financial Philippines, formerly CitisecOnline.

He founded CWC Group of Companies, an interior furnishing business.
He is stock market mentor of Bo Sanchez.
Edward Lee on The Billionaire Series.

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How he started
Edward Lee never finished college and left with no choice but start his own business. He started selling wallpapers, then expanded to blinds, carpets, chairs and furniture. The CWC Group of Companies eventually was born.
Despite the steady income he gets from the interior furnishing business, his first love is the stock market. Without any idea what he was doing, he caught the trading fever and started trading – and lost everything. He left for Canada to work as broker for some period. When he decided to go back to the Philippines, the country was in deep crisis. He absorbed every knowledge he could as well as from his experience abroad and looked for investment opportunities. 
Together with partners at CWC, they were able to purchase a seat in the Philippine Stock Exchange. He then established CitisecOnline which is now COL Financial Group. The company is listed in the local stock exchange and handles retail accounts of investors.
Edward Lee as a stock market investor
He is called the Warren Buffett of the Philippines – referred to as rabbit (trained trader) by Bo Sanchez. He has over 30 years of experience in markets like the Philippines, Hong Kong, US and Canada.
He was elected as one of the governors of the Philippine Stock Exchange and was nominated as finalist for the 2007 Entrepreneur of the Year Philippines award by Ernst & Young.
He makes a journal of analysis of a stock, his entry and exit points together with graphs. He reads a lot and attends seminars in Hong Kong, Indonesia and the US. 
10 advice to stock market investors
  • The most common mistake is not taking time to learn financial literacy while investing in the stock market.
  • Learn from the experts and take their advice to heart.
  • The stock market is not for the faint of heart nor the ignorant.
  • Managed risk is key.
  • Invest in fundamentally strong companies so that the tide will turn in your favor.
  • Learn and use peso cost averaging.
  • Attend seminars and get educated by reading books.
  • Be mentally prepared to begin investing.
  • Stock market investing can deplete your resources if you’re not careful.
  • Never get discouraged.

Source: Scale Up Your Internet Start-up by Dr. Larry Gamboa

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