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I’m so sorry for a late post readers.. Got a multitude of client meet-ups, transactions, yada yada today I’d really thought I’d miss this weekly post which apparently has just started last week. Last week’s post “Find Your Moon”http://www.moneylifeblood.com/2014/01/weekly-inspiration-find-your-moon.html was well-received thanks guys guess my muse was dancing in grace last week and oh-la-la wish I could say please drop the beat right now..

Sonhos sempre dão trabalho.
(Dreams mean work)
– Paulo Coelho


In Leo Babauta’s “A Year of Living Without,”http://zenhabits.net/without/ he talks about the 12 things he’d like to live without. And for a week I had made room for life without Facebook – deals left and right, emails, work projects, books, friends, et al. Did more without having to check internet all the time. Life was so much more fun outside the digital world – Kichitora’s Paitan Ramen Zenbu no Se ramen caught me off guard, plus its surprising coconut pudding with matcha and azuki. Two families who bought new puppies from my brood. Empty canvass that brings me to places in my mind and imagination. Who cares if I can’t perfect that liquid eyeliner.. I’m latebloomer/playful child anyway said my stock market mentor and I love minimalist look – less is more.. When will I ever grow up? I won’t. Got a big work project that’s entirely new. And from crater to crater will be conquering heights (Pulag, anyone?).

We live in the world where we can’t seem to live without. The 52-week money challenge posted by Kuripot Pinay simply tells us that if you can give up some amount of money, increasing every week in increments of Php50, you are slowly developing a habit of saving. You are building a routine that’s gonna form a part of you for the rest of the entire year. If you can’t even spare a Php50 from a week’s allowance, how much more can you start off building your emergency fund? Some say oh, that’s mediocre. Why save when you can invest outright, why save and keep a piggy if you can start go trade. I say because you are trying to live (italicized) without money – you’re trying to part from it, to set yourself far from it so that you can’t touch it and set aside funds for emergency. In the words of Aristotle: We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.

In Saval Niveshak’s post of 2014 being a year of inversionhttp://www.safalniveshak.com/2014-the-year-of-inversion/ he tells about the things readers can expect about the content of the blog for the next year. And here, we’ll do some sort of tweaking the “inversions” I suggest:

– Less of selfie, more on selfless
Go back to your life purpose. What can you give up, so you can be more?

– Less of idle time, more on productivity
What makes up your spare time, and how can you use your time to increase cashflow or learning?

– Less of talk, more on action
There are girls smarter, richer, nicer, prettier and all the -er in the world than I am. But these things do not define a person. A person’s worth is not tantamount to his assets, to his looks, to his brain. You’re worth more than that. No need to compare. No need to please. No need to prove who you are and talk who you are. Let your actions speak of how God has greatly designed you. Let your actions talk about your life purpose, your mission, your happiness, your being, your soul. Because you are worth more than that.

– Less of small dreams, more on big dreams
Let your dreams take you higher. Each teeny weeny step towards your dreams is your everyday act.

Baby steps. To a giant leap.

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