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Should I Subscribe to PinoyInvestor? Here's a Quick Review of PinoyInvestor Stock Market Guide

Should I Subscribe to PinoyInvestor? Here’s a Quick Review of PinoyInvestor Stock Market Guide

Last year, we brought you one of the highly read articles here in MoneyLifeBlood – 11 Premium Stock Market Newsletters You Can Subscribe. You can also find a similar review in another well-received article Should I Join the Truly Rich Club? While we basically listed 11 newsletters, here in this new article we will be zooming into one of the popular stock market newsletters today, the PinoyInvestor Stock Market Guide 
Today, you guys would have seen on Facebook a lot of PinoyInvestor posts like price forecasts, etc and when you’ve visited the site and downloaded a free report, you’d probably be like one of my blog readers who commented that most information are blurred. Let’s look now into the benefits of subscribing for the paid service. Please note that if you guys want quick, “spoon-fed” type of information you’d probably be better off subscribing to these stock market newsletters. But for me, I still highly encourage all my readers to study fundamental analysis and technical analysis to improve your investing/trading skills too. Such that time will come, you may already give up your subscriptions and save on costs.

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The PinoyInvestor is a stock market guide which can be used for free or for paid service. It combines the research works of 8 partner brokers: AngpingOnline, ABCapital Securities, 2TradeAsia. Unicapital Securities, Regina Capital Development Corporation, DA Securities, RCBC Securities and First Metro Securities. (If you want to see a comparison of these online stock brokers like fees and opening requirements, please visit this previous article). 
Now, let’s get into the details of the benefits you get as a subscriber.
1. Content of the PinoyInvestor Stock Market Guide

a. Market Outlook – you will find here the analysis and recommendation of different stock brokers.

b. Stocks In Focus – see example below on stock pick URC:

c. Brokers’ Notes – in a special edition of PinoyInvestor Guide, Wealth Securities shared an analysis on the Peso-USD exchange rate. 
d. International Intelligence reports contain main global news that could potentially affect the local stock market. 
e. Technical Talks – geared towards short term trading, this section includes chart reading for select stocks.

2. PinoyInvestor Academy
You can take advantage of FREE PDFs that talk about the basics of stock market investing.

3. Affiliate Program
If you happen to be referred by a friend or a website to PinoyInvestor, your friend may be given an affiliate fee and you can also start referring others and earn through referrals. Note that you don’t pay extra for the person who referred you – same fees apply whether you clicked your friend’s link or you go straight to the website. 
  • If you refer someone to a Monthly Premium Access subscription, we will give you P200 outright for that person’s first ever subscription month!
  • If you refer someone instead to a 4-Month Discounted Premium Access subscription, we will give you P500 outright for that person’s first subscription!

Every 28th of the month if you happen to meet the Php500 threshold you can get your earnings via Paypal.

4. The Helpdesk support is fast in response. 
This is what I have personally tried and I’d like to commend the quick and reliable service of PinoyInvestor Customer Service. You have notification via email that your inquiry has been received. You can also view log of the report and responses in your online account.

5. Affordable rates
Monthly Premium Access to PinoyInvestor Stocks Report (PHP 399.00 per month)

  • Get ALL Top Stock Picks, Target Prices and Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations for sixty (60) PSE stocks
  • Full information in the Stocks in Focus, Weekly Market Outlook and Technicals Talk sections every week 
  • Get FREE access to the PinoyInvestor Academy and download educational resources to become an even better stock market investor.
4-Month Discounted Premium Access to PinoyInvestor Stocks Report(Equivalent to only PHP 375.00 per month!)
  • Best value plan at only Php 375 per month
  • Get ALL Top Stock Picks, Target Prices and Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations for sixty (60) PSE stocks
  • Full information in the Stocks in Focus, Weekly Market Outlook and Technicals Talk sections every week
  • Get FREE access to the PinoyInvestor Academy and download educational resources to become an even better stock market investor
  • If you are using Paypal, you will be billed P1,500 every 4 months. If bank deposit, you will make the deposit every 4 months.
Try to compute and if you think you can recover the cost on the membership fees or if you want to just give it a try, I personally think it won’t hurt much your budget as it’s just less than Php500 every month (how much do you spend on postpaid plans, Starbucks coffee and other nonsense expenses that are left unnoticed).

Side note: The management has given my subscribers a great discount: Pay only Php4200 instead of Php4799 or roughly Php350/month by entering voucher code PINOYMLB.  Subscribe to PinoyInvestor  if you think this will benefit you.

6. Convenient payment scheme
You can pay via bank deposit, fund transfer or credit card. (Remember, you can earn points too if you use your credit card).

7. Last but definitely the most important of all, is the stock picks performance of the newsletter:
PinoyInvestor prides about its stellar 98% return on stock pick RCB for 2012.

Second part of this blogpost is a “written” interview with the newsletter provider:
We’ve asked PinoyInvestor on some questions about this stock market resource and received their feedback below:

1. The vision of PinoyInvestor is this: “For Filipinos to be intelligent, independent, and responsible investors who can make their own smart investment decisions, in light of all available stock information.”

There are a lot of Filipinos who either don’t know how to invest yet or rely on resources that dictate to them what to invest in. We wouldn’t want to propagate these kinds of mindsets as we would want Filipinos to truly become independent, intelligent, and responsible investors. 
This is the reason for being of PinoyInvestor. We believe that by providing Filipinos with the most extensive stock information from several reputable sources (not just one broker or no-name “gurus”), we can help them become the best investors that they can be! 
As for the history of PinoyInvestor: Like the majority of Filipino stock investors, we use only one (1) stock broker to buy and sell stocks. In the case of our chosen broker, they are able to fulfill the primary responsibility of providing a platform for stock trading but we felt we are not getting meaningful information and useful recommendations from them that can help us become better stock market investors. 
For example, we were looking for comprehensive fundamental and technical analyses of PSE stocks; reliable opinions on which stocks to Buy, Sell, or Hold; and educated “guesstimate” of stock Target Prices – information which we know can make us trade smartly and profitably. Soon we discovered that these information, in part or as a whole, were being offered by several different stock brokerage firms in the country. Many of these stock brokers employ experienced and competent equity analysts and chartists who regularly make Buy/Sell/Hold and Target Price recommendations. 
Several of them also offer weekly, sometimes daily, trading strategies that can guide one’s trading action. The catch, though, is that these pieces of information are exclusively offered only to clients. Instead of switching brokers (but still fearing that maybe another broker will have better information in the future), we thought to ourselves: Why not leverage on the collective expertise and experience of all these brokers? Instead of relying on one broker alone, why not harness all useful stock information from various brokers into one easy-to-read, comprehensive and credible stock trading resource? With that goal in mind, the PinoyInvestor Stocks Report was born. 
Our mission is to become the ultimate resource for stock trading, providing useful information from credible and competent sources to help Filipino investors make smart investment decisions! Moreover, we saw how helpful such a resource could be to retail stock traders and investors, especially those who don’t have enormous amounts of time to do their own exhaustive research on PSE-listed companies. It would further help their investment decisions because they would know the expert stock analysis of our partner brokerage firms, which have a combined 100+ experience of profiting in the stock market.
 2. What sets PinoyInvestor apart from other stock market newsletters are the following: 
a. True expertise: We provide extensive stock analysis from reputable and REGISTERED experts in the stock market: PSE-registered brokerage firms. They are not no-name, self-appointed gurus in Facebook. Rather, they are registered in the PSE and have been profiting from the stock market for a combined 100+ years already! 
b. Several expert analyses: Unlike any other stock market resource, we have SEVERAL sources of expert stock information and analyses. This lessens the risk that stock investors face. Why? Because they get different perspectives about a stock. 
The rationale behind showing several brokers’ analyses and recommendations is to give PinoyInvestors access to a range of smart information that they will find useful when making stock investment decisions. In the PinoyInvestor Stocks Report, you will see that sometimes, even brokers contradict each other in the recommendations. But we do not and will not highlight one while downplaying the other, because we believe no broker or “investment guru” can correctly and accurate predict the market every time. 
Thus, our goal is to show to our members all these information from several competent and credible sources so that they can make their own intelligent decision based on all information available! 
c. Easy-to-understand: We work to make the comprehensive stock analyses of our partner brokers concise and easy-to-understand. This involves summarizing 50-page research reports so that all our members, especially the stock market beginners, can understand even expert-level analysis and make their own decisions based on these! 
d. Caters to you, whatever your objectives are: We understand that different people have different Investment Objectives and Strategies. This is why the PinoyInvestor Stocks Report contains stock information and extensive analysis – from Fundamental Analysis to Technical Analysis! Whether you’re looking for long-term investments or short-term trading prospects, we’ve got you covered! 
3. On the question are you looking into partnering with other stock brokers in the future: Yes, we are always looking for more brokerage firms to partner with so we can further increase the amount of expert stock information we provide to our members. Once we get more, we’ll definitely announce it!
 4. Supposed I’m already a client of one of your partner brokers. Is the research I get different from what I’ll see in your PinoyInvestor guide? Not all of a broker’s reports are available even to their clients. Our partnership with the brokers gives PinoyInvestor exclusive access to some of our partner brokerage firms’ research reports that are usually intended for their respective internal uses only. As such, we are able to collect, summarize, and synthesize for our Premium Access members quality stock research information that are not available to the public and, sometimes, not even accessible to clients themselves! 
5. Some short reviews made by existing PinoyInvestor members are already shown on the last section of our homepage at PinoyInvestor
Some more testimonials that we haven’t included there are (withholding customers’ names in this set for their privacy): 
“thanks for that.. and for all the infos you sent.. your inputs are very valuable and lessens my fear about stock market. keep up the good work, please. you’re a great help to your subscribers, me particular..”
“been subscribed, I like it specially about those educational stuff. please keep doing what you are doing po. you are helping a lot beyond you knowing. God Bless po!

“Your letter is superb and analysis on stocks are highly appreciated… Thanks again and more power.” 
6. On the question do you have any further plans of public events? Yes, we have a lot of plans in store for PinoyInvestor members! That includes holding educational stock market seminars, expanding the features/sections of the PinoyInvestor Stocks Report, upgrading the whole experience of viewing the Stocks Reports, and many more! We’ll leave it at these for now as we wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise. 🙂 Rest assured, however, that from here, PinoyInvestor is only going to get better and more helpful for its There you have it. A brief review of PinoyInvestor as a stock market resource for newbies in the stock market arena. I suggest you take advantage of the free membership, browse through the site and digest all information you need as a new investor and then decide based on the pointers above if you want to push through with the membership.
Thank you so much to PinoyInvestor and its wonderful Helpdesk for answering my questions. More power!

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