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My Ultimate Bucket List – Because It’s Not All About the Money

So you’ve set your financial goals at the start of the year and it’s almost the middle of the year now still trying to figure out what you want in life, am I headed to the right direction, do things make sense or what. Here’s my personal (I call it “ultimate”) bucket list. Don’t you […]

10 Steps to Filipino Financial Freedom

Hi! This is Krissy of MoneyLifeBlood. (Btw, you can add me up at Facebook @moneylifebloodofficialblog). I’ve started this personal finance blog in the hopes of improving my own finances as well as learning from recent personal finance updates, events and people. Saving isn’t a culture these days given the influx of branded phones and stuff, […]

Update on COL Model Portfolio – as of 27 June 2014

If you are doing cost averaging and you are at the same time following Colfinancial.com‘s Model Portfolio, here’s our regular update on the stock prices: As of Friday, June 27, 2014 here’s the status of the COL Model Portfolio.The Return refers to potential return from Current Price to FV. Current FV BBP Return Remarks MEG            4.48            […]