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What label did you get because of being personal finance-savvy?

What label did you get because of being personal finance-savvy?

Mukhang pera

Labels. Do you experience being labeled just because you’re in this financial journey?
How do you conquer these labels? How do you turn labels into inspirations?


Here are the answers of our blog readers and forum members, first names provided to protect their privacy.

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Here are the answers:

mukhang pera daw.

ah ang “pinoy” in general, hindi mabilis n ma inspire. pero maingit mabilis. they still taught that Im doing gambling (yun tawag nila s stocks). I teach those who wish to learn. I teach free and no charge. And, I leave those who don’t want to be financial free.
– Sheryl

Mayabang daw… I tell them it’s not how much you earn but what you do with what you earn. Baka magulat sila mas malaki pa sweldo nila skin.
– Mary Ann

wag daw ako kausapin, pero i just keep on giving them information until the time came na ako na ang tinatanung nila about it
– Mon

Kuripot,dedma lang
– Pablo

Selfish??to each its own… knya knyang pili ng future.. lalo na kung parehas nmn kau nkatapos ng pag aaral…
– Shiela

Ded Madela =p

Also, family members eventually stop giving those labels the moment they need money and you’re the only one they can borrow from. Meanwhile, true friends will never call you that in a negative perspective – pwedeng mang-asar, but not really serious about it.
– Fitz Villafuerte, Personal Finance Blogger of Ready to be Rich

Kuripot hehe
– Raymond

Mukhang pera daw kasi puro about investments at frugality ang wall post ko. Nasusuka na ata yung iba hahaha… Ganun din naman feeling ko kapag nakikita yung Selfie post nila eh. Hahaha
– Leo

Kuripot, Niggardly; Parsimonious; Frugal; Thrifty; Tightwad; Miser; Stingy – name it! I’m proud to be all of these adjectives… Hehehe. And as my abuelo say it in Spanish – NO ME IMPORTA! (I don’t care).
– Iyee

dati “Mukhang pera” ngayon “Madaming pera” niyahaha, deadma lang sa kanilang lahat
– Des

Leo, di ka nag-iisa! Iyee; sangayon ako. Des, tama ka. All the best mga fb people financially well and fb people financially literate.
– Ruperto

Ambisyosa daw.mukhang pera..wag daw mataas mangarap dahil pag bumagsak masakit….
– Tahimik Lang

Kuripot…. Since young i always strive to become ” kuripot”… Because of this i finish my college with no loan… My mom is one of my supporter… Pero indi pa ako nag mmakaingayin terms of invest in stock…. Once it was grow saka ko mag bbanggit about stock market
– Jhoanna

been with it too…
– Lalay

Proudly Kuripot..
– Michelle

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