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My 20 Travel Tips for Budget Travelers

My 20 Travel Tips for Budget Travelers

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I’m wanderlust. I’m stardust.

You see a lot of people traveling to places, posting pictures and selfies on Facebook and Instagram. I fell in love with the place called Boracay and fell in love again in Batanes. With so many cheap airfares these days, group buying sites on travel and adventures, you can really start your dream getaways even if you travel on a shoestring.

You don’t have to spend so much to travel to places you’ve written in your bucket list. While it’s true that traveling still falls under wants category and not under needs category, traveling helps you relax your mind, takes you back to your inner core and refreshes your spirit. Sometimes in life you just need a stop, and being in an unfamiliar place is a way to stop you from being in your usual, comfy, known and sometimes mundane comfort zones.

Okay, so let’s start with this. For my readers who are traveling themselves on a budget, you may be well-versed with these things.

Here are 20 tips for budget travelers like me!

1. Save for it! This has to be nailed at number 1 spot! If you have debts at present, I don’t suggest you go on travel spree and spend money. Pay off your debts first. You don’t wanna pile up more debts in the future.

2. Take advantage of falling euro or yen maybe. Everyone wants to splurge on a European or Japan tour – if you have the money, then go for it.

3. If you love our article on Active Income vs Passive Income, you can think of another version of “living of interest” which is “travel on interest.” Go TOI. Thank your investments for sending you to your dream destination.

4. Research, research, research. Compare rates before you booked that flight!

5. Travel is still a luxury and not a necessity. Check if you have any immediate major expenses that you feel like could hit your emergency fund – before you go on traveling. 

hello batanes!!!!!!!!!! this is one of my favorite spots <3

6. Subscribe to airfares promo alerts. You can like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Usually, the promos are scheduled just timely on holidays. You can receive alerts via email or SMS.

7. Do you have existing air miles or rebates points in your credit card? You can make use of these to pay for your baggage allowances. You can even travel for free! Why pay if you can get them at no cost =)

8. Visit Travel Expos where you can get best airfare and accommodations deals. I was able to get an airfare going to Batanes for less than Php4,000.

9. Travel in groups. This way, you can save on accommodations. Just divide the cost of by yourselves and share the fun of hanging out together.

10. Research before you travel. Read travel blogs and know if it is better to do-it-yourself tour or you need to hire tour guides and get packages. Sometimes, it’s even better to get tour packages because you don’t miss out on places which at first didn’t interest you. Also, you can help the local communities grow by availing of tour packages since most guides are locals. Get a feel of how much the entrance fees are, usual tip rates, transportation options, etc.

11. Pack up smart. You don’t need to buy toiletries over and over if you have consecutive travel schedules. You can recycle bottles with sizes 100ml and lower and refill them. Bring your own toiletries if it fits your bag.

12. Bring food like crackers or cup noodles for quick binge. Although I don’t suggest that you entirely skip on trying out delicacies which you can only find in the locality or country you’re going to visit, it can save you some money if you have some crackers or goodies which can fill you up for merienda.

13. It is expensive to get lost! Though it’s gonna be fun being lost in a place you’re foreign, it might just take some money out of your pockets. Travel smart. Bring with you some mobile travel applications which you can use and carry those big maps around you. Ask questions and google.

14. Check out some free WIFI hotspots. Don’t forget to turn your roaming service on. Connect to free airport internet.

15. Know your hotel or serviced apartment’s facilities. Make use of them. 

the waves are calling <3
16. Hotel food usually is expensive. If you’re not out there for corporate work, skip those hotel buffet breakfasts if you’re in a tight budget. Get out of your hotel, walk and check out nearest and cheapest food grabs.

17. Keep your valuables attended 100% all the time. You don’t want to lose your camera or wallet while on an enjoyable vacation. Make good use of the available safe in your hotel room.

18. Don’t ever forget to bring your chargers and powerbanks.

19. Not because you’re in a different country you won’t be careful in your purchases anymore. Haggle and shop around. There are many flee markets and bargain stores – you don’t have to shop in malls.

20. Check which conversion is cheaper – if it’s wiser to convert your peso into USD or convert directly to whichever currency of the country you are traveling to.

Travel has brought me back to my core as always. It’s a relief from stressful daily grind and makes me a little sane. I just wanna thank God for an awesome world to travel.

Can you add some more suggestions? =)

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