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Personal Finance Book Drive for Public School Teachers, Army/Policemen, Kids and Ethnic Tribes

Help us raise funds to distribute personal finance books for public school teachers.  #‎personalfinancebooksforteachers‬ This summer, our first personal finance advocacy is for our beloved public school teachers. They taught us how to read and write. Everyday they walk into rooms, check papers, call out names of kids who either a) forced to recite b) […]

Take the 2015 Newbies Money Challenge!

An all-year round challenge for all newbies! For more specific challenges: 52 Week Money Challenge 2015 https://www.facebook.com/groups/filpinofinancialfreedomforum/permalink/951266331569912/ 12 Month Savings Challenge 2015 https://www.facebook.com/groups/filpinofinancialfreedomforum/permalink/961241027239109/ Mutual Fund Top Up Challenge 2015 https://www.facebook.com/groups/filpinofinancialfreedomforum/permalink/951269128236299/ Debt Free Challenge 2015 https://www.facebook.com/groups/filpinofinancialfreedomforum/permalink/951290528234159/ Members of the Month 2015 https://www.facebook.com/groups/filpinofinancialfreedomforum/permalink/951273291569216/ Personal Finance Books Distribution to Public School Teachers https://www.facebook.com/groups/filpinofinancialfreedomforum/permalink/951292771567268/ Dreamboard Challenge https://www.facebook.com/groups/filpinofinancialfreedomforum/permalink/963461573683721/ Newbie Challenge […]

January 2015 Financial Education Campaign: Investing in the Philippine Stock Market

Our January 2015 Financial Education Campaign is: Investing in the Philippine Stock Market. Wanna know the profile of stock market investors today? In a study by PSEAcademy, source: Stock Market Investor Profile 2013 The annual Stock Market Investor Profile study of the Philippine Stock Exchange showed that the total number of stock market accounts, which counts both […]

Philippine UITFs Performance 2014

Check out the 2014 latest performance of UITFs (unit investment trust fund) in the Philippines. Kindly click the image to view it clearly. To verify, you can hit FROM January 3, 2014 TO December 29, 2014 (working days)  here http://www.uitf.com.ph/top-funds.php. Side note: Join our newest Facebook Group: Filipino Financial Freedom Forum. Our mission: #FilipinoFinancialFreedom. Kalayaan! Balanced Funds Equity Funds […]

Philippine Mutual Funds Performance 2014

Check out the December 2014 latest performance of mutual funds according to categories (equity/stock funds, money market funds, balanced funds and bond funds). Kindly click the image to view it clearly. To verify, you can hit 29 December 2014 here http://pifa.com.ph/factsfignavps.asp. Side note: Join our newest Facebook Group: Filipino Financial Freedom Forum. Our mission: #FilipinoFinancialFreedom. Kalayaan! * – NAVPS as […]

Live Your Fire

We walked in protest with Sumilao farmers, and farmers of Hacienda Luisita.. We carried babies in our arms at Grace to Be Born and Little Angels Home.. We built houses, spent nights in camp of Gawad Kalinga and Habitat for Humanity.. We painted walls for an aeta school in Tarlac.. We painted schoolchairs at a […]

Take the 2015 Money Challenges!

Do you need a fresh start this 2015?How about some financial makeover to start the year right? We have created some challenges among blog readers and forum members to help you and me save and invest in fun ways this 2015. Check these money challenges and see if you can challenge yourself this year: Join […]

10 Hottest Personal Finance Trends to watch out for this 2015

We’ve welcome the new year with a bang – how about our finances?Let’s talk about the 10 hottest personal finance trends we might see this new year. 1. PERA (Personal Equity and Retirement Account) for Filipinos to take off The PERA or Personal Equity and Retirement Account which has been signed into law will be […]