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Live Your Fire

Live Your Fire

We walked in protest with Sumilao farmers, and farmers of Hacienda Luisita.. We carried babies in our arms at Grace to Be Born and Little Angels Home.. We built houses, spent nights in camp of Gawad Kalinga and Habitat for Humanity.. We painted walls for an aeta school in Tarlac.. We painted schoolchairs at a public school in QC..

And on one hand, we manage farms and properties.. We dance to the tune of the equity and forex markets.. We excite ourselves with new businesses, I reach out to a thousand blog subscribers, plan for offshore investments.. I’ve traveled to Bali, Singapore, Thailand… (why go far? Batanes is love). Mt. Pinatubo is enchanting. And Palawan is heaven.

..and I come back home to the cheer of my furbabies – my dogs and an adopted cat, eat with my family, text and meet up friends, and at night i pray, that someday, someone will choose forever with me.

Whatever your mind can believe and conceive, you will achieve. 
– Napoleon Hill

One of my New Year’s resolution is to become a comfortable ebook reader (I.m a bookworm, but I love the scent of hard copies, highlighting each fave line, going back to pages that struck).
As suggested by FT, here’s think and grow rich book that is indeed a classic..
A man who was just 3 feet away from gold! this quitability enabled him to become one of best salesmen of his time; Another man just knew he’d got to be see edison, looking like a frail tramp risked everything to see edison, and somehow, edison saw an aura of power, somebody who doesn’t quit.. Another man Schwab convinced Carnegie to issue him $600m investment to realize the steel dream of america..

Men who built america
Why not men who built pinas?

I’m still carrying that Think and Grow Rich hangover, and reflecting early in the morning I deem best for my soul.. what stands in the way between you and success? Procrastination. Lack of initiative. Lack of action. Seeing hole in donut. Mental laziness. Lack of dreams. What beats all this is ACTION. Persistence. Desire to win. Sometimes your own kind, your friends and relatives will discourage you. Sometimes you lack the push for action. Edison failed ten thousand times. Carnegie didn’t even finish school. While I don’t diminish importance of education, it simply isn’t enough ingredient. There is that burning desire. As you journey towards creating wealth, let that desire burn with you always.

What consumes you? What do you breathe? What is your fire?

Live your fire.

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