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Personal Finance Book Drive for Public School Teachers, Army/Policemen, Kids and Ethnic Tribes

Help us raise funds to distribute personal finance books for public school teachers. 


This summer, our first personal finance advocacy is for our beloved public school teachers.

They taught us how to read and write. Everyday they walk into rooms, check papers, call out names of kids who either a) forced to recite b) a lil sleepy c) too bibo. They sway their hips at exercise time. And call attention if we’re snoozing at flag ceremonies.

My dream project this year is to distribute personal finance books to public school teachers. Crazy I thought if we travel nationwide and do this in all public schools. We’ve been to building houses, painting classrooms, donation drives and all. But this one just fits into this personal finance advocacy.

But I cannot do this on my own. I need people who will be willing to ride with me in this journey. To speak in front of teachers and share. People who will contribute to purchase books.

Are you with me in this? For me, this is challenge accepted.

Did you know:

Our stock market event last 2013 “Overhaul” had helped support GK Typhoon Yolanda operations. We were able to donate boxes of medicines for the cause. Our recent event “Gameplan” will be supporting our personal finance book drive to our public school teachers.

This Valentine’s Day, support our afternoon event of learning entry and exit trade management and strategies. Portion of proceeds will be used to distribute personal finance books for our beloved army/policemen.

Another event we will be distributing books for kids of Southern Philippines.

Join us, donate/sponsor books today =)


Be part of this challenge.

Ways you can help:

Bank deposit (ANY AMOUNT):

Volunteer Philippines
BPI Checking 3390016092

Donate ANY AMOUNT in PESO via credit card, debit card or paypal:


For Indiegogo donations in USD: 

By doing ANY amount of donation, you will receive a free digital copy of #CONQUER2015 My Personal Financial Plan Diary! Email me at krissy@peraholic.com!

View events here:

Personal Finance Book Drive and Financial Literacy Seminar for Public School Teachers

Personal Finance Book Drive and Financial Literacy Seminar for Army/Military/PNP

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