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How to Find Long Run Winners / Entry and Exit Strategies by FT

How to Find Bagger Stocks by Faceless Trader

Last February 14, 2015, a Valentrade Special – Date with FT event was held at the National Engineering Center, UP Diliman with Nikki Yu. She blogs at facelesstrader.wordpress.com and leads 9,000+ faceless traders in a Facebook group Faceless Trader. Topics discussed are trade management and entry/exit strategies. She was joined by a power couple of Solaric Philippines whose growth potential of its business is apparently worth looking at.

This event will help finance purchase of personal finance books for military/police. Check out this link if you would like to help.

Nikki Yu and the attendees at Valentrade Special

To reach out to more traders out there, I’m sharing with you her presentations (she granted permission to share the slides which you can also find in the Files section of her Facebook group). Subscribe to her Youtube channel @TheFacelessTraderPH as well:

How to Find Long-Run Winners


Entries and Exits 

How to Find Bagger Stocks Part 1


How to Find Bagger Stocks Part 2


How to Find Bagger Stocks Part 3


How to Find Bagger Stocks Part 4


How to Find Bagger Stocks Part 5


How to Find Bagger Stocks Part 6


How to Find Bagger Stocks Part 7


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