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Do you ever wish to become CEO of your own company?

Do you ever wish to become CEO of your own company?


Have you ever thought of becoming CEO of your own company?

If you were to form your own group of companies, what businesses would you have?

I want you guys, my dear blog readers to dream and build your dreams.. Who knows, one day we will be visiting each other’s companies and partner among each other. =)

Here are the answers of blog readers and forum members, (first names provided to protect their privacy).

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Here are the answers:

Healthcare (pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, and perhaps hospitals too), real estate, consumer electronics to name a few.

– Harold

im completing my papers to be able to operate my lending..

– Ren

A restaurant chain and hotels in different part of the Phil.

– Mary

Real Estate, Mining, Insurance, Transportation, Electricity, Oil, Farms.
– Paul

agriculture, water, healthcare, energy, real estate
– Joy
Hotel farm or resort

– El

iwant to invest in senate congress doj, boc and pnp… where the money are… ) joke

– Mon

Piggery business, feeds supplier, meat dealer, meat shop, restaurant. I claim that it will happen through God’s help.

– Mary Ann

Computer shop, resto bar, resort

– Princess

Derma clinic

– Kristine

Real Estate, Farms (fruits), Resorts, Restaurants

– Nacer

Real estate… Dormitory, hotel apartment, and commercial buildings…. All with restaurants.

– JC

Real estate developments..banking and finance..malls , chain of hotels and of course restaurants..

– Joseph

Agri biz, eco tourism on the side

– Belle

Bakeshop, and catering business.,and a restaurant that serves organic food fresh from my own organic farm…

– Cha

Mango farm, since mango in my home town is famous. Guimaras mango. I really wish to have one.

– Che

I want a VERTICAL FARM! As in indoor farm na nasa CIty. Dream ko na noon pa. :))

– Jason

Financial education modules, catering business, rental properties, coffee shop, bridal make up.

– Carlo

coconut farm. we are into this forwarding and trading. and we are trying to connect both for profit augmentation.

– Gnigier

Agriculture, farming, Rice buying station.

– Aileen

Agriculture, aquaculture, rastaurant, farm & resort!

– Dwin

a tour company

– Spencer

a shopping mall where my wife belongs…. a construction firm where my son will build and sell quality homes… a hospital for my daughter who will become a doctor soon… n lastly, a farm resort where i can relax day and after day..

– Pidol

Resto that offers japanese boodlefight.

– Leo

Livelihood trainning center

– Janette

Apartment and agri business. And also resto coz I love to cook.

– Ikki

I dream to have a resort, Hotel and restaurant, Law Office, Hospital, Pasalubong center, Water, Gasoline station, Mall, Commercial space for rent. I will build a foundation for those less fortunate kids to finished their school and also home for the aged. Those dreams have a deep foundation from my heart because I know it is God who gives those visions and I’m willing to pursue it.

– Naida

Coffee shop with lots of books and a room for seminar , function room tapos tabi convenient store and WD a kids playroom, for moms can put their toddlers or kids and do their stuff WD no worries.

– Jeanette

I would develop a small scale subdivision..start with just 15 has…will sell lot only..high end entrance gate with all the amenities of a fist class subdivision.No meralco cables showing above… its embedded below the ground by 1.5 mts.Will use s-road curb in a ten meter wide subroads ..15 meter width for the main road.with rc perimeter fence.How much do you think will the first square mt price fetch if this is located somewhere in Pasig…?

– Joseph

would love to have an agri-business (corn/rice buyer and dealer, general merchandise for farmers), a piggery and poultry supply and a three story building that have a net cafe with mini bookstore cum mini library, with a school supply and a general store with a resto cum pansitan, plus a boarding house upstairs maybe..this may seem a big dream but I’m already in action progress. Its not easy, but with God’s grace, everything is possible.

– Geishah

i.t. solutions provider, wala pa yata maxado dito nun, though kailangan nun ng sobrang laking capital

– Marvin

car rental fleet with food delivery


I wanted organic farming and poultry business. Every 27 days u have a harvest on your poultry. While you can have your daily income once your vegetables start to grow.

– Arge

A conglomerate like San Miguel. I’ll start in the agricultural sector and expand to other opportunities that will be given along the way.

– Alberto

Permaculture been having these thoughts of being a supplier of agric and livestock sometime now.

– Jonathan

Lending at Pawnshop chain

– Rommel

Farmland, native pig business, lending and microfinance business, real estate, restaurants, insurance companies….

– Jessie

Few tap on these. Eco Bag business, actually we are manufacturers and distrubutors of Ecobags. Bawal na ang plastic and styro. that’s where we come in, hope you guys can help us too in our striving business I am tirelessly sending proposals to different companies. So far we have partnered with Japan Home Centre, DIY Hardware, Ilocos Sur Electric Co., and The Third Eye Wellness Center. Please do help us too.

– Veejay

Thank you so much to all who responded! Hope you guys are able to pick some ideas from their answers =) What’s resounding in all these dreams would be the desire to acquire a farm and convert it into a revenue-generating investment. Another would be investing in real estate properties such as rental business.

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