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Let the Universe Conspire

Let the Universe Conspire

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When you desire a thing, the universe conspires for you to achieve it.. Law of attraction, you’ve heard about it.. what the mind can conceive, you can achieve.. spread da love, blessings pour from heaven.. laugh, and the world smiles back at you.. give, and the world gives you abundance and joys..

I came home from the province to check out what could be my 7th property.. I met a 74-year old woman, who farms and toils her land, rides a horse, climbs up a tree and takes care of a white and orange cat.. she told me words of wisdom: I’m old, but your mind can be sharp, my husband left me, but I’m happy living a good simple life, I’ll sell a property, but I’ll be holding 6-digit money like gold in my hands.. I’m happy, and if you grow old like me, happiness will all be that matters in your life..

I’m here at my room carrying her words.. the next time we visit, she said she’ll bring fresh produce and have us eat.. Friends, I don’t underestimate the knowledge and power of this group.. Teach me.. I’ll learn from you.. I’ll blabber online about my story, but I’m also humbled and currently learning from you.. while bloggers are expected to become online authorities, I beg to defy the statement, because I believe everyone has responsibility to be an empty cup absorbing knowledge like a hungry cotton..

Photo credits: Satori

Teach me to be wealthy, I’m a hungry listener.. I love hearing stories of success and failures.. unspoken neighborhood millionaires.. real-life drama of rags-to-riches and vice-versa.. Let’s form a crowd that makes money together.. Let’s create a group that questions an investment, teaches every member, shares experiences, and debunks crab mentality..

That woman is rich for me, she got the essence of standing on her own and gives whatever she has..

May all of us be students of this humbling markets.. May all of us be teachers of wealth and riches.. and may all of us be rich in stories of hardship, whether in the fields of business or career..

Insatiable.. I’m unstoppable to learn, risk, fail, and rise again..

What is your universe telling you to be?

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