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Achieve Financial Stability Now

Achieve Financial Stability Now

Achieve Financial Stability Now
by Dielle Acosta

How do you go from earning P250,000 in a single quarter and losing all of it in the next?  I would most likely know the answer to this question since it happened to me but still ask myself that very same question whenever my personal finances cross my mind.

At the rate I was going, I could’ve been a millionaire in a year’s time (gross income).  I was earning well for every interior design project that I completed within the span of 2 weeks to a maximum of a month to complete payment of my professional interior design fee.  I also earned well on commissions for every condo unit I sold at a leading company listed in the local stock exchange.  Aside from that, I was earning a monthly allowance that was enough to pay for all my monthly expenses which would’ve allowed me to save all the extra income that came in.

So what went wrong?  Why was I not able to save all of it or any of it for that matter?

Here are truths that I’ve learned from first-hand experience and have given me a better perspective on personal finance, saving and becoming truly wealthy:

1.       All forms of wealth come from a single source – God.
You’re not wealthy or will become wealthy because you’re merely good at what you do, have a high-paying job or have diskarte.  You did not attain anything that God did not allow.  Knowing the source will help you give more importance to the fruit.  If you knew that you were holding the Queen of England’s crown in your hands, wouldn’t you take good care of it?  What more wealth from a supreme and sovereign God?
2.       You are blessed so you can be a blessing.
To much whom is given, much is required.  God expects you to be generous, give and be a blessing.  The reason why He has given you wealth is so that you can share it with others.  Money is a good test of character.  It can expose greed, selfishness and the love of it but it can also be an avenue for you to help those in need, give with a happy heart and bless others.
3.       It’s called Tithing
We are robbing God if we do not give Him back the 10% of our earnings.  What is a measley 10% to the 90% that you get to keep?  It’s a test of obedience and character.  Give back to God what is rightfully His.
4.       Becoming wealthy is a decision
It takes a decision to jumpstart your journey to wealthiness.  Once you’ve decided you desire to become wealthy, all your future plans and decisions will pan out accordingly.
5.       Becoming wealthy is a lifestyle
Every P5 coin you put in that piggy bank, every sale you resist, every dinner out with friends you say no to is an addition to your wealth.  It’s a habbit, a behavior.  It must be in your system.  You can still enjoy life and save at the same time.  Instead of eating at that fancy restaurant you love so much, settle for something less inexpensive.  It lies in the choices you make every day that truly make you wealthy.  Every choice will either make you wealthier or the opposite.  Educate yourself because attaining wealth is a never-ending learning process.  Read books, blogs, attend seminars.  Make it a part of your life.
6.       The one-day millionaire syndrome
Filipinos are explicit spenders.  Once the 15th day of the month comes around, they rush to malls or go out with friends and spend, spend, spend.  Until they have nothing by the 20th or so.  So then they have to borrow money to make it until the end of the month leaving them in debt.  The wealthiest people in the world were not one-day millionaires even if they could afford to spend a million or more a day.
7.       The Game Plan
Set a certain budget plan that works best for you.  When you get your salary, set aside 10% for tithes then a percentage that works best for your budget for savings, then you can pay your bills and minus expenses.  Allot funds for an Emergency Fund which is 3-6 months worth of your monthly salary.  You can also set aside funds for a car, house, wedding, etc.  Be creative.  You can devise this plan according to your specific needs and goals.
8.       Earning it is easy, keeping it is key
God wants you to live an abundant life but you must have the character, a generous heart and right mindset to handle great wealth and moreover, keep it.  It isn’t how much you earn, it’s how much of it you save.
9.       Money doesn’t grow on trees
Winning the lottery or being handed a briefcase with a million dollars in it is a one in a million chance.  Wealth hardly comes instantaneously.  You have to work for it.  You don’t necessarily have to work so hard that you lose time for family or miss out on life but rather work smart.  You can keep your day job but look for investment instruments, explore possibilities, open up a business, creative residual income.  It’s gonna take work.  No pain, no gain.
9.        Money isn’t everything
There are more important things in life than becoming filthy rich.  The Bible says, “Do not store for yourselves treasures here on earth where moth and rust destroy, but store up for yourselves treasures in heaven.”  God has a great plan for you than merely attaining wealth, although this can also be a part of His plan.  You were destined for greatness.  You can influence a life, reach out to the lost, impact a multitude and ultimately change the world.  Our greatest commision is to share the word of God with others and that is what truly makes us wealthy.  God isn’t looking at our bank accounts but rather at our hearts.  You can’t bring your riches to heaven but you can create riches in heaven.  Crowns and mansions are being prepared in your honor and all that is asked of you is to share God’s love and the Gospel with others.

Gabrielle Acosta is a graduate of Interior Design at the Philippine School of Interior Design and has been practicing her profession since 2008. Her interest in personal finance/financial planning began when she read Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad. She is now a licensed Financial Advisor at Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. and has been pursuing her passion to educate and uphold the Filipino people towards financial freedom.

Note by Krissy:
If you would like to know more about achieving financial stability, kindly send your inquiries using the form below. Know the best products that suit your financial goals, and understand the financial status you’re in. Dielle can help – she’s a good friend of mine.

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