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Update on COL Model Portfolio as of 26 June 2015

If you are doing cost averaging and you are at the same time following Colfinancial.com‘s Model Portfolio, here’s our regular update on the stock prices: Note that the below COL Model Portfolio is based on the latest COLing the Shots report released last May 29, 2015 entitled Out of the Radar Screen (for now). If you’re curious about the changes in […]

INVEST 101: Attend our monthly learning sessions on personal finance!

INVEST 101 CLASS What is INVEST 101?  For only Php500, both OFWs and Pinoys here in Pinas can attend the class and learn the basics and practically apply your learnings!  Choose from our monthly classes from August to November and learn stocks, pooled funds, personal finance, insurance, how to write your personal SALN and monthly […]

Rolando Hortaleza on The Billionaire Series

A Splash of SuccessAugust 7, 2005They say success is just a matter of dreaming. In reality, however, dreaming only constitutes 50 percent of the total picture of success. The other half of the battle to pin down success and truly call it your own depends on the action you invest in achieving your dreams. Aspiration […]

Socorro Ramos on The Billionaire Series

School for kids has now started and where did you buy all your school supplies and book requirements? Perhaps you visited Divisoria to find cheap finds, but for sure, you went to our all-time favorite – National Bookstore. This red and white brand has always been a fascination to me – how come you would […]

Lucio Tan on The Billionaire Series

Success Story of Lucio TanBy Preciosa S. Soliven The Philippine Star 01/23/08 A POINT OF AWARENESS There is a roadmap of life that stretches to 100 years. Divided into four parts, the first 25 years is considered the formative years of schooling from preschool to college when one acquires a career. Even carpenters, electricians, welders […]

What are financial obstacles? Paano maiiwasan?

Financial obtacles are on the way! Maging handa sa mga obstacles o hadlang sa pagtamo ng financial freedom. May mga hahadlang sa financial freedom journey mo. Some of them are brought about by changes in the economy or environment, while some are outside factors, and internal within us. All of us will meet some of […]

What kind of investor are you? Are you a conservative, moderate or aggressive investor?

Basic Types of Portfolios In general, aggressive investment strategies – those that shoot for the highest possible return – are most appropriate for investors who, for the sake of this potential high return, have a high risk tolerance (can stomach wide fluctuations in value) and a longer time horizon. Aggressive portfolios generally have a higher […]

What kind of trader are you? Are you a scalper, day trader, swing trader or position trader?

So you’ve decided to become a trader. Trading may require the following from you: Capital – Try demo if you wanna know if you’re going to put money into stocks or not. Time – Do you have the time to run this trading business?. Discipline – Are you disciplined enough to trust your trading system? […]

How to navigate the Colfinancial platform

INVESTING AND ORDER PROCESSING What types of securities can I trade through COLFinancial? You can trade all non-suspended securities listed in the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE). On occasion the PSE may suspend stocks from trading due to various reasons: i.e. in preparation for critical bulletins or corporate announcements, deficiency in providing SEC documents and violations […]

How do I withdraw funds from Colfinancial

How do I withdraw my funds? Withdrawals from your COLFinancial account may be made by filling up the Fund Withdrawal form found in the COLFinancial website under the HOME > FORMS menu functions. Completely fill up the details necessary in the form and the send a copy by fax at (632) 634-6958 or email to […]