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How to Invest in Pooled Funds (Mutual Funds and UITFs)

Welcome to the world of pooled funds aka mutual funds and UITFs! Investing in pooled fund is sooo easy! This article is divided into 6 easy-to-learn sections: Before we even start a discussion on how to invest in Philippine pooled funds, here’s a simple checklist to ascertain if you are prepared for this crazy adventure! […]

How to Make Money in Real Estate

                                                              How do you make money in real estate? A lot of people are interested in real estate – but the real question is: how […]

Give a gift of financial education!

Give a gift of financial education and help your friends and relatives learn – wherever you are, whenever they want to! It’s a reloadable gift card which your beneficiary can use and reload anytime. HOW TO ORDER: 1) Buy any product from Idea School. 2) Select your mode of payment: Direct bank deposit / bank transfer […]

INVEST 101 on 15 August 2015 – Register now!

What is INVEST 101?  For only Php500, both OFWs and Pinoys here in Pinas can attend the class and learn the basics and practically apply your learnings! Learn stocks, pooled funds, personal finance, insurance, how to write your personal SALN and monthly budget, and how to earn online! A fun, light and straight-to-the-point discussion with […]