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How to Make Money in Real Estate

How to Make Money in Real Estate
































How do you make money in real estate?

A lot of people are interested in real estate – but the real question is: how does one get started? What are the specifics which only the experienced real estate investors and businessmen can share? What are the best practices which can be replicated to profit from this kind of investment?

This workshop aims to address the concerns of newbie real estate investors.

Attend this worlshop focused on discussing how to become a beginner real estate investor! Perfect for beginners and would-be real estate enthusiasts.

From foreclosures, to flipping, to rentals to buy and sell – ask the right questions to the right speakers who have years of experience in this lucrative business!

Affordably priced, (inclusive of Max’s favorite meals and drinks), this seminar will be a fun, informative and an afternoon well-spent, together with fellow like-minded real estate investors and beginners.

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Noli-El-Subastahero-Alleje-2 Noli “El Subastahero” Alleje

The Foreclosures King will discuss how to make money from foreclosures, how to get started as a beginner real estate investor and where to get the best deals in foreclosures!













He is the No Money Down king! Author of the bestselling ebook No Money Down Formula in Real Estate Deals, Ronald will discuss how one can profit in real estate, kahit laway lang ang puhunan!










When: November 7, 2015
What time: 130pm-530pm
Where: Max’s Restaurant Quezon Avenue

Super early bird rate: August 16 – 31 Php1500 only!! (credit card / paypal ~ Php1620)

Early bird rate: September 1-30 Php2000 only!! (credit card / paypal ~ Php2160)

Regular rate: October 1-30 Php2500 (credit card / paypal ~ Php2700)


1) Register at Idea School.

2) Select your mode of payment:

  • Direct bank deposit / bank transfer (highly encouraged!) BDO Savings IDEA SCHOOL 008360049985
  • Direct bank deposit / bank transfer (highly encouraged!) BPI Checking IDEA SCHOOL 3390016084
  • Credit card / Debit Card / Paypal (subject to applicable gateway fees). This additional fee will be paid by customer upon purchase.

3) Email support@myideaschool.com with contact details (email address and mobile number) and scanned deposit slip (for those who opt to pay via bank deposit).

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100 Lessons. 10 Stages. 1 Goal. 


I have a heart for people who cannot pay for seminars and are looking for free learning that is of quality. Yes, there are. You find them all in Youtube, personal finance blogs and sites.

Early this year i wrote in my goals: “To help 100 people achieve their goals” and I think via my blogs, seminars, and thru this forum all newbies will no longer be newbies.

This online personal finance school is dedicated to all my blog readers who have found me online in one way or another and are looking for resources to boost their personal finance knowledge. Study at your own pace, at your own time. No registration required. Nothing to shell out to get access.

Educate yourself today. Dedicate 5 minutes of your time each day for the next 100 days to learn about personal finance and how it can help improve your life.

Stage 1: Basic Personal Finance

Stage 2: Financial Planning Series

Stage 3: Investing 101

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Stage 5: Strategies on Investing

Stage 6: Inspiring Success Stories

Stage 7: Personal Finance Book Reviews

Stage 8: Pay it Forward

Stage 9: How to apply in real life

Stage 10: My Personal Learnings

Start your financial education today!

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