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Ultimate Bucket List 2016 – because it’s not all about the money!

So you’ve set your financial goals at the start of the year and you’re trying to figure out what you want in life, am I headed to the right direction, do things make sense or what. Here’s my personal (I call it “ultimate”) bucket list. Don’t you love to suggest more?

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Bucket lists don’t have to be realistic all the time. You can always dream bigger than what you can imagine. That’s why I love bucket lists. You just don’t know when an opportunity can pop up.

I realize that if there’s one thing I’ve been all my life, that is I continue to DREAM. =)

This bucket list is based from different bucket lists I’ve seen online. My personal list is shorter, but I keep looking at it because it seems to capture most ideas.

Here’s the Ultimate Bucket List!

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Learning/Financial Goals

o   Become an executive

o   Own a business

o   Become a millionaire

o   Pay off all debts

o   Buy a house

o   Build an art/dance studio

o   Buy an island

o   Own a Lamborghini

o   Launch my first company

o   Own a prime company

o   Own a farm

o   Get trained overseas

o   Read a book per month

o   Attend a seminar of a well-known person

o   Secure a retirement fund

o   Start a reward fund

Experience Goals

o   Skydive

o   Ride an elephant

o   Ride in a helicopter

o   Ride in a hot air balloon

o   Swim with a butanding

o   Go white water rafting

o   Check out top 100 films of all time

o   Be a contestant in a TV show

o   Write a play

o   Ride in a limo

o   Learn to play the piano

o   Learn to play the guitar

o   Learn how to swim

o   Learn French language

o   Learn Japanese language

o   Get a tattoo from Apo Whang Od of Kalinga

o   Ride the top 10 craziest roller coasters in the world

o   Take a ride on a fighter jet

o   Go see a sand castle competition

o   Go camping with friends

o   Bungee jump

o   Sleep on a park bench in a big city

o   Sleep under the stars

o   Get spa treatment

o   Go fishing

o   See penguins in their natural habitat

o   Request a song in a radio station

o   Be a member of the audience in a TV show

o   Send a message in a bottle

o   Plant a tree

o   Shower in a waterfall

o   Go on whale/dolphin watching

o   Make a homemade pizza

o   Stay up all night and watch the sun rise

o   Identify a constellation

o   Wall climb

o   Wakeboard

o   Parasail

o   Watch a Metallica concert

o   Bake a cake

o   Dive

o   Watch an NBA game live

o   Watch a UFC championship

o   Be in a live press conference

o   Spot an actor/actress

o   Dance a local folf dance

o   Fake an accent

o   Feel real snow

o   Scuba dive under ice

o   Witness a space shuttle launch

o   Firewalk, firedance

o   See the Aurora Borealis

o   Breathe fire

o   Have a fortune teller predict my future

o   Juggle

o   Become a wine maker

o   Attend a rave party

o   Win an online contest

Travel Goals

o   Visit the Holy Land

o   Raft through Grand Canyon

o   Go to Niagara Falls

o   Earn 1,000,000 travel miles

o   See Great Wall of China

o   Go to space

o   Vacation in Maui

o   Vacation in Maldives

o   Parasail in Boracay

o   Visit Kamay ni Hesus, Lucban, Quezon

o   Rent a castle and camp out with friends

o   Manila Ocean Park

o   Vacation in Las Vegas

o   Enchanted Kingdom!

o   Star City!

o   Scuba dive at Great Barrier Reef

o   Vacation in Japan

o   Visit a honeybee farm

o   Visit Avilon Zoo

o   Visit every UNESCO World Heritage site

o   Watch festive Marinduque

o   Food trip at Cebu

o   Stand in the center of Stonehenge

o   Visit Italy and eat a slice of real pizza

o   HK Disneyland

o   Sentosa Singapore

o   Visit New York City

o   Sun bathe at Bali

o   Visit Dubai

o   Explore a cave

o   Explore a local waterfall

o   Hike to Mount Pinatubo and bum at the crater

o   Explore Vigan

o   Pole dance at Ngong Ping 360 cable car

o   Fall in love in Paris

o   Visit Intramuros and explore the buildings and streets

o   Visit Binondo and eat authentic Chinese food

o   Hang out at Marikina food stalls

o   Dinner cruise

o   F1 Singapore

o   Surf at Baler

o   Stand at the North Pole

o   Zipline in the jungles of Costa Rica

Spiritual/Giving/Influence Goals

o   Start a non profit organization

o   Publish a book

o   Create an inspiring website

o   Speak in front of people

o   Lead 100 people to a passion-filled life in Christ

o   Help 10 people accomplish a life goal

o   Attend a grand faith youth conference

o   Build homes for the poor

o   Join a protest

o   Start an art gallery

o   Visit a temple

o   Hold annual charity activity

o   Watch/read daily inspirational videos/articles

o   Write for a magazine

o   Travel to places to help evangelize

o   Sponsor a kid’s education

o   Give to charity anonymously

o   Attend a retreat

Physical Goals

o   Make my goal weight

o   Meditate with a monk

o   Live to meet my grandkids

o   Be a vegetarian for a month

o   Get a full body massage

o   Become a morning jogger

o   Join a fun run

o   Attend an art class

o   Take a yoga class

Family Goals

o   Get married to the love of my life

o   Have a healthy baby

o   Watch my child graduate from high school

o   Watch my child graduate from college

o   Host a reunion with high school and college friends

o   Go on a blind date

o   Get my dog trained

o   Laugh my heart out with my special someone

o   Attend a praise and worship concert with my special someone

o   Travel with my special someone

o   Have 10 furbabies – or more!

o   Dine out with family

o   Food trips with my brother

o   Roadtrippin’ sound chillin’ under the stars with my special someone

o   Write a letter to my future children

o   Write a poem dedicated for my mother

o   Write a poem dedicated for my father
Anything else you want to suggest? =)
Live life to the fullest!

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