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5 Learning Tools for Millionaire-Wannabes


Dear Pinoy millionaire-wannabes,

Are you looking for ways to travel yet save? Don’t #GoPoor, #GoRich!

Still wanting to learn more how to invest, save money and earn passive income?

Now’s the time you explore these 5 newest offerings from the Idea School shop. Idea School is a social enterprise that showcases various investing and learning products and services such as events, elearnings and books to help you grow money and at the same time help others. #YouLearnWeGive.

Here are 5 exciting products you might be interested in:

  1. Comprehensive Technical Analysis Videos


Get a yearlong access to Hanson Ong’s comprehensive technical analysis videos. Super sulit it runs for about 30-40 hours plus chit-chat with the equities/forex trader himself. No need to attend weekly seminars or classes – learn at your own pace – anytime, anywhere.

What will you learn:

  • Introduction to stocks trading and the PSE
  • Theories of Technical Analysis Price action
  • Trends, Support and Resistance
  • 4 Technical Indicators
  • Trading System Development
  • Japanese Candlesticks
  • Portfolio and Risk Management

Be added to a private group of students taught by his founded trading school TradingOps.

Learn HOW to trade and ride baggers and winners, create your own trading system and trade for life.
Catch this offering and learn technical analysis anytime, anywhere.
A comprehensive set of technical analysis videos designed for Pinoy traders which run for about 30-40 hours.
Be taught by TradingOps founder Hanson Ong, an equities and forex trader whose passion in teaching is truly admirable.

All this for only Php5,499!

Visit http://bit.ly/TAVIDEO for more info.

How to order: Deposit Php5499 to BDO IDEA SCHOOL SAVINGS and send screenshot to support@myideaschool.com.

2. Real Estate Strategies Online

Did you miss Ronald Cagape’s live seminar and book launch? Now’s your time to watch and learn with real estate mentor Ronald Cagape.

Here’s a preview of what you will learn:

To avail of the real estate learning course, go to http://www.bit.ly/realestatePH

How to order: Deposit Php950 to BDO IDEA SCHOOL SAVINGS and send screenshot to support@myideaschool.com.

3. Discover the 5-Year Plan of an OFW Book (Pre-order!)


Discover the 5-Year Plan of an OFW book
Finally, you can now pre-order the book Discover the 5-Year Plan of an OFW. This book addresses the needs and plight of OFWs, spot on. The power couple will discuss to you how you can create an effective financial exit plan to retiring back home.
Book preview:
“This Complete Secret Formula is designed for all OFWs:
– OFWs who don’t have savings….
– OFWs who like to go home but don’t know how…
– OFWs who don’t have an escape plan….
– OFWs spent half or even more than half of their lives working abroad na wala pang ipon
– OFWs na may problema sa family relationship lalo na sa partner…
– authored by power couple Tristan Ian Cristobal and Carmi Irene Revilla-Cristobal
Pre-order this book for only Php500 inclusive of free delivery within Metro Manila (standard shipping rates apply for domestic and international deliveries).
Visit http://www.bit.ly/DiscoverOFW to pre-order.
How to order: Deposit Php500 to BDO IDEA SCHOOL SAVINGS and send screenshot to support@myideaschool.com.

4. #CONQUER2017 Wealth Planner (Pre-order!)


One of the most well-loved products and the launching product of @dream.do.defy, #CONQUER2017 is your ultimate wealth planner this 2017.

This one-of-a-kind planner is the first planner in the country to promote financial freedom through its monthly financial lessons, practical tools and tips.

As early as now, we are inviting you guys to pre-order this planner to avoid the Christmas rush!

Price of the planner will jump from Php700 to Php800 before Christmas – that’s a Php100 discount!

Visit http://www.bit.ly/CONQUER2017 to pre-order.

How to order: Deposit Php700 to BDO IDEA SCHOOL SAVINGS and send screenshot to support@myideaschool.com.

5. No Money Down Formula in Real Estate Book by Ronald Cagape

real estate book

Who is Ronald Cagape?

“I didn’t start out in real estate.

In fact, I’m probably a lot like you. I was not born into a rich family. My father was a security guard and my mother a public school teacher. Even before my father died while I was in high school, we already struggled to make ends meet. Their salaries were just not enough to support our family. So I grew up with Ligo sardines as my favorite ulam.

I grew up in poverty and didn’t have a lot of money when I started so that should tell you that anyone can really do this no money down thing.

I studied Chemical Engineering in the University of the Philippines Diliman. After graduation, I went into the IT industry and worked for companies such as PhilamCare, Equitable PCI Bank, eTelecare Global Solutions and Oracle Philippines.

In 2010, I resigned from work and focused on the real estate business. I am now a licensed real estate broker and also the Vice-President of Operations for RE/MAX Asyenda Realty, the first RE/MAX franchise in the Philippines.

I learned to do the real estate business without the benefit of books or seminars because there was none available in the Philippines. Today there are now many books on the subject but none that focus on no-money-down deals.

I believe everyone ought to be rich so I wrote the book to help new real estate investors make deals that bring cash, cashflow and multiple streams of passive income. Many people have said that the e-book helped them a lot. I hope it does the same for you.”

What You Will Learn:

– The 4 Essential Elements of a No-Money-Down Deal. Miss one and everything falls apart.
– 3 Sources of Other People’s Money that you can use to fund a deal.
– The 6 Step-Process To Finding And Closing a No-Money-Down Deal.
– The 7 reasons why real estate is such a great investment.
– Four ways to make money in real estate
– How to take advantage of the different real estate values in the market
– The 3 core questions to ask before proceeding with a deal
– The 6 criteria to check if a property is a good deal
– High-value renovations you must make to significantly raise the property value
– Marketing strategies for maximum exposure
– Sales techniques for inexperienced real estate investors
– The step-by-step process to transferring a title
– Most common mistakes of new real estate investors
– How Ronald Cagape became the real estate flipper that he is today
…and much more!

Come September 1, we will be increasing the book price from Php400 to Php500 (still free delivery within Metro Manila). This is to align with our future product launches at Dream.Do.Defy.
Order this real estate book before September 1 for only Php400! To order, deposit Php400 to BDO Idea School 008360049985 and send screenshot to support@myideaschool.com.
Real estate is one of Filipinos’ favorite investments. Make sure you know how to make money from it.
How to order: Deposit Php400 to BDO IDEA SCHOOL SAVINGS and send screenshot to support@myideaschool.com.
There you have it – 5 exciting and affordable learning resources for you to grab.
Happy learning!

Every Filipino deserves to be financially free.


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