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How to be a Weekend Investor

How to be a Weekend Investor

For most of us, we live the daily grind inclusive of balancing work, family, friends and personal life. From Mondays to Fridays, we are swamped with so many activities and to-do’s that we don’t have time to look after our investments on a daily basis. Unless if you are a day trader or a full-time investor, your weekends are usually the best time to research and create your investing gameplan.

Three more months before we officially close the year and say hello to 2017.
Have you had a major investment yet?
Check out these simple steps, awesome events and affordable resources to get you started.
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2. Join PhilCrowd Cooperative and invest for as low as Php500!


PhilCrowd Cooperative is the FIRST business crowdfunding cooperative in the Philippines. It has hundreds of members worldwide since its soft launch last August 2016. It has successfully funded a cacao farm in Davao, mushroom farm, a Potato Corner franchise and has invested in FarmOn.

Here are some of the investments you can check out:

Membership fee is only Php2,500 and you get to invest in these businesses and future business projects. Earn while you sleep in these legitimate businesses.

3. Join an advanced FX Trading coaching session:


Our first premium seminar on forex trading will enable participants to trade forex effectively and consistently. This two-day training will cover practical hands-on exercises and trading workshop. Hard copy modules will be provided.

Ideal for newbies and forex traders who need to create a systematic approach in trading forex.


1) Foundations in Forex Trading
– What is the Forex Market
– How does Forex Trading work
– How can I profit from FX trading?
– Counting pips
– Volume and lot sizing
– Types of Analysis
– Different options in Forex
2) Trading Psychology and Risk Management
– Mindsetting
– Risk Reward Ratio
3) Metatrader 4 Navigation
4) Understanding Fundamental Factors
– Supply and Demand
– Monetary Policy
– Economic Calendar
5) Technical Analysis
– Candlesticks
– Trend
– Support and Resistance
– Indicators

6) Secrets of Market Makers and Brokers
7) Price Action
– Intrepreting Candlesticks
– Chart Patterns
8) Setting up your own Trade Plan

When: October 8 and 15, 2016 9am-6pm

Where: 19th Marco Polo Ortigas

Food will be served.

All participants are advised to bring their laptops.

Early bird rate: Php7000 until October 7

Regular rate: Php10000

How to register:

Deposit the learning fee to BDO Idea School Savings Account 008360049985.
Send screenshot of deposit to support@myideaschool.com
Happy pippin”!


4. Join an advanced program in stocks trading.


Introduction to stocks trading and the PSE
Theories of Technical Analysis Price action,
Trends, Support and Resistance
4 Technical Indicators
Trading System Development
Japanese Candlesticks
Portfolio and Risk Management

Attend our advanced run of Technical Analysis Course by TradingOps.com
October 22 and 29 (two whole days)
Marco Polo Ortigas
inclusive of food and drinks
Learning fee: Php10000

Early bird rate fee: Php7000 until October 21

How to register?
1) Deposit learning fee to: BDO Savings Account: Idea School 008360049985.

2) Email support@myideaschool.com with your scanned deposit slip.

5. Learn how to trade US stocks.


Dear fellow investor,

This is Charmel Delos Santos, a trader mom and author of “High Heeled Traders.” Early this year, the stocks were hit hard by uncertainty and have since recovered nicely.  Stock markets have an even better outlook heading to the end of the year (though there are a few bombs to avoid)  and now is the best time to be learning what it takes to be a winning investor.

Through the years, I found that many fellow investors simply do not know that this business is all about managing the opportunities.  It’s not about the stocks.  It’s about the investor  knowing what he or she is doing and making the right decisions.  So  I’ve made my foundation course even better by equipping you with the knowledge on how to create a profitable system from our proven examples, avoiding the “loss trap”  and  investment psychology  so you can invest, create wealth and even a regular income and sleep soundly at night!

For seasoned investors,  it is critical to put your capital to work and the best place is in the US stock market because:

1) The US continues to lead growth in the global economy.
2) More strategies are available for you there to invest in the best managed companies.
3) You can generate monthly income with the same capital / stock you already own (using Options – I will show you!)
4) Even if you don’t want to do anything fancy, having your money in US Dollars that is getting stronger will increase your capital while you just sit back and watch it grow.

Four fantastic benefits and all you just have to do is get into a different market!

So be sure to attend our back-to-back events this October!

Event: “US Investing Workshop”
Date: October 22, 2016, 1pm-530pm
Venue: 2/F  Ortigas Building, Ortigas Ave. Pasig City
Early-Bird Rate: 5,000 pesos (Regular Rate: 8,000 pesos)

With FREE attendance to the morning session “Invest Right  Foundation Workshop” and the freebies that come with it, for the first 20 registrants!

“Invest Right – Foundation Workshop”
Date: October 22, 2016, 8:30am-12nn
Venue: 2/F  Ortigas Building, Ortigas Ave. Pasig City

Early-Bird Rate: 2000 pesos (Regular Rate: 3,000 pesos)
Freebies: Full eBook of “High Heeled Traders (worth 800 pesos)  and sample Investing Plan

We are committed to help people increase their incomes and wealth and we are proud to offer our investing courses where you don’t have to go out into the wild on your own. We will help you invest with security and confidence with our expert attention!

We want to be focused in helping our investors so slots are limited, register now!

Nothing should get in the way of our life goals, invest in your success!

Happiness and abundance!


  1. Deposit learning fee to BDO Idea School 008360049985.
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6. Get our Christmas bundle!


Get Php200 off when you buy our Christmas Bundle 2016!

Perfect Christmas gift this yuletide season.

Christmas Bundle 2016:

  1. Real Estate Book by Ronald Cagape
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How to purchase the Christmas Bundle:

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Every Filipino deserves to be financially free.


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