Hi! I’m Krissy.

The equity market swept me off my feet when I was in third year college. My European Finance professor shared his stories about how much shillings he held, how fascinated he was over private banking, the deals he ventured into and his whole European finance adventure. My Financial Economics professor taught me the basics of fundamental and technical analysis. He too shared stories about his experiences as a technical analyst in New York. They are my first mentors in this crazy fun world of investments.

I joined a leading newspaper stock trading game. It was the time when my father was in and out of the hospital. I was feeling guilty then balancing work, attending to my father’s needs, and sending my bids for the game. In the end I lost focus and actually wasn’t able to monitor the game anymore hence losing it. I also lost my father early in 2010. The heartbreak is worse than any recession, any head and shoulders formation, any dilution. The heartbreak is worse than price hitting rock bottom.

After he died we looked into his old documents and saw old stock certificates of PLDT and a warrant to buy MER shares. Though worth today is small since he only got very, very few shares, it was a surprise to me that me and my father share the same interest. It may not be our day job, but it is a happy interest. I was so proud of my father. I was proud to be his daughter.

I once claimed that I am Warren Buffet’s long-lost daughter – only young and Filipina. I dream to have my own proprietary fund in the future. I dream to teach my future kids about how to trade. I dream to share my passion with the 99% untapped population. And I see myself trading for the rest of my life. It’s passion. It’s life.This blog is a personal stock trading diary.

Today, I continue my father’s legacy. My name is trader28. And I’m trading in the Philippine stock market.


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