Stage 1: Basic Personal Finance

Stage 1

Welcome to School of Personal Finance – it is a free online learning for blog readers who would like to learn about personal finance, anytime, everywhere, at your own pace.

Dedicate 5 minutes of your time everyday in the next 100 days. No registration fee required.

In this first stage of learning, you will learn basic concepts on personal finance such as how to handle your money wisely. You will also learn in this section how to identify scams and how to avoid being lured by them.

Stage 1: Basic Personal Finance
Lesson 1 Exercise: Financial Fitness Test
Lesson 2 Am I rich or poor? How do you define being “wealthy?”
Lesson 3 10 Steps to Filipino Financial Freedom
Lesson 4 Basic Money Management Concepts
Lesson 5 Kurot Principle
Lesson 6 Savings Tips
Lesson 7 Good debt vs Bad debt
Lesson 8 How to detect scams
Lesson 9 What are financial obstacles?
Lesson 10 How to socialize your FQ (financial quotient)
Lesson 11 How to track your progress
Lesson 12 Suze Orman on Filipinos’ Personal Finance